Growball Cinemax in Centre Point Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

Growball Cinemax Centre Point

Centre Point Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

See below for Growball cinema movie prices.

More about Growball Cinemax Centre Point

Growball Cinemax in Kota Kinabalu is in Centre Point Shopping Centre and features 8 normal screens and a 9th, 3D screen.

With so many screens there is always something to watch at Growball, and the selection spans not just current American pop, but a choice of Indonesian / Malay and Hong Kong movies as well. Occasionally a Taiwanese, Korean or Thai movie can also be found.

Growball has some of the cheapest confectionery at any of the cinemas in Kota Kinabalu, making the total bill for a movie night quite affordable.

The recent opening of competitor cinemas around Kota Kinabalu has made Growball up their game a little, and many of the cinemas were refitted with new seats, better acoustic insulation and improved sound systems.

Growball Cinema Movie Prices

We listed these movie prices on 27 November 2015, but we’ll update it again when we’ve verified it with a visit to the cinema.

Normal movie price after 6pm: RM7 (Twin Seats: RM15)
Normal movie price before 6pm: RM6 (Twin Seats: RM13)

If that’s not cheap enough, Growball has various discount movie prices too:

Monday Ladies Discount: RM5
Tuesday Gents Discount: RM5
Wednesday Everyone Gets a Discount: RM5
Student, Child & Senior Discount: RM5

Growball’s 3D cinema do show “normal” movies at the above prices, but when the movie is specifically in 3D the movie prices are as follow:

Normal 3D movie price after 6pm: RM15 (Twin Seats: RM32)
Normal 3D movie price before 6pm: RM14 (Twin Seats: RM30)

And yes, discounts apply to Growball’s 3D movies too:

Monday Ladies Discount: RM13
Tuesday Gents Discount: RM13
Wednesday Everyone Gets a Discount: RM13
Student, Child & Senior Discount: RM13

Growball’s smaller cinemas can get freezing, so be prepared.

Movie Showtimes at Growball Cinemax

Address: Level 5, 6 & 8 CPS Tower, Centre Point Shopping Centre, Kota Kinabalu

League Of Gods

1hr 49min, Cantonese 06:55PM 08:50PM 12:00AM (29 Jul)

Dukun Doktor Dani

1hr 37min, Malay 12:00PM 05:10PM 10:25PM 12:15AM (29 Jul)

Jason Bourne

2hrs 3min, English 11:45AM 01:45PM 03:25PM 04:45PM 05:45PM 08:40PM 09:45PM 10:00PM 12:00AM (29 Jul)

The Shallows

1hr 26min, English 12:00PM 01:50PM 02:50PM 04:00PM 05:30PM 07:05PM 08:00PM 08:50PM 10:45PM 12:20AM (29 Jul)


2hrs 30min, Tamil 12:10PM 09:25PM

Lights Out

1hr 29min, English 11:50AM 01:20PM 03:40PM 05:55PM 08:30PM 10:45PM 12:10AM (29 Jul)


1hr 47min, English 12:05PM 02:00PM 04:15PM 06:10PM 08:10PM 10:10PM 12:05AM (29 Jul)

Star Trek Beyond

2hrs 2min, English 12:05PM 02:10PM 03:55PM 06:00PM 08:05PM 10:05PM 12:10AM (29 Jul)


1hr 56min, English 12:00PM 02:45PM 04:40PM 07:25PM 12:10AM (29 Jul)

The Purge: Election Year

1hr 44min, English 01:45PM 03:55PM 06:55PM

The Legend Of Tarzan

1hr 49min, English 02:00PM

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