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At we’re also Internet users and we have the same concerns about privacy as you.

You can therefore use the site knowing that any information gleens from you, be it intentionally such as an email address when you email us or sign up for a newsletter, or unintentionally through something like your IP address – will never be sold, traded or deliberately exposed to anyone.

While visiting this site some data of yours will be collected, over which has no control.

One is that this site runs on WordPress, which uses cookies to track sessions for various things.

Another is that Google Adwords & Analytics are used on this site and think of them what you will. You can actually opt out of Adwords tracking and even third party vendor tracking by following the respective links. As for Analytics (website traffic data), here is how they use your data.

Like every other website on the Internet our server logs your IP address when you visit.

This is not used for anything specific, but is aggregated for visitor statistics and troubleshooting if and when required, but doesn’t identify you as an individual.

Tour & Accommodation Bookings

From time to time partners with local travel agencies to offer quality products and services.

Such providers will always be a registered company, licensed under the Malaysia Ministry of Tourism. All enquiries related to anything bookable on Sabah is directed, handled and booked by these partners and is therefore be subject to their terms and conditions, which will be clarified before you commit to pay.

Not everything listed on is bookable however. Items that can be booked will feature a “Booking Enquiry” or “Book Now” button through which arrangements can be made.

Although can facilitate communications, we are unable to assist with bookings, cancellations, changes or refunds ourselves – all of which has to be dealt directly with said travel partners.


Our listings, write-ups and opinions are largely our own and are largely unpaid. The few that are paid for are clearly marked as such. is maintained by people who live here in Sabah. Our write-ups are from the critical perspective of tourists, written with the passion of locals.

Wherever possible, we use our own pictures, especially of hotel rooms and facilities, because as travellers ourselves, we know how airbrushed marketing photos on websites don’t always meet real life expectations.

What excites us most are outstanding service and attentive staff who show passion for their jobs and their customers. Those people and businesses who go the extra mile because they realise the customer is king. We also wax lyrical about well-maintained facilities, more for less and unexpected, pleasant surprises.

On occasion when we find such gems, they could be featured on’s front page or perhaps in the different sections, not because they are necessarily paid for, but because they’ve genuinely impressed us.

When, on occasion, we do accept an offer to try a new facility / service / product, our write-ups will be as unbiased as possible, but will inevitably be a subjective account of the experience. We usually state when a report / article is based on a deliberate invitation.

If you have any questions about anything else pertaining to what goes on on, please head on over to the Contact Us page and get in touch.