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Suria Sabah

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Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, or Suria KK as it’s sometimes referred to, is easily identified by its salad-bowl design.

Suria Sabah is a new’ish shopping mall in the middle of Kota Kinabalu, which, after a slow start, has finally picked up some momentum and is now teeming with life.

Start in the basement you’ll find most of the fast food restaurants together, with a few better quality eateries and a food court spread across the higher floors.

Metro Jaya is one of the anchor tenants and spans several floors, while numerous other shops sell either beauty products or clothing and are randomly dotted throughout the mall. Sura Sabah Shopping Mall is also making a push to rob Karamunsing of their “Best for IT” title, but although there are many gadget shops already, the quality and variety is still lagging behind Karamunsing.

The Times bookstore is not to be forgotten, nor is GSC Cinemas, which significantly boosted the visitor rate at the mall.

GSC Suria brought 8 new screens to Kota Kinabalu and now feature two 3D ready cinemas at this complex alone.

The mall has plenty of parking, which can sometimes be its downfall, as with only 1 exit and 3 ticket booths, the hundreds of cars the parking garage can accommodate, will sometimes end up queue for an annoyingly long time.

Here’s a list of Suria Sabah Shopping Mall Tenants

The list is according to the mall index displayed in Suria Sabah in December 2014.

Click on a column to sort the shops accordingly.

Store Name Floor-Lot Tag1 Tag2 Tag3
Metrojaya LG&G&1&2-68 Department Store
Butik Renda 1-59 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Brands Outlet 1-70 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Cotton On G-67 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Esprit G&1-18 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
FOS 2-38 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
G2000 1-21 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Giordano LG-61 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Hi Style 1-49 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Levi’s G-12 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Padini Concept Store G&1-13 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Polo Fashion Story 3-08 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Polo Haus 1-53 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Quicksilver G-37 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Reject Shop 3-42A Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Ripcurl G-09 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Springfield G-50 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Trio G-65 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Valentino Rudy G-74 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Voir Gallery G-30 Fashion & Accessories Ladies & Men
Aemayzaa Boutique 3-75B Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Cosette 3-71 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Cotton PLace 1-91 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Dressing Box 3-61 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Elle G-80 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Eclipse G-48 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
E-Teen 3-69 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
J Classic 2-52 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
JOB LG-21 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
La Moda 1-28 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Lady Talk 2-32 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Lovette 3-75A Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Lyla Ruth 3-26 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Maylana 2-55 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Mango G-16 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Ms Read 1-64 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
OLA LG-20 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Orix Boutique 1-95 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Pret-A-Porter 1-92 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Tarra 1-80 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
The Mod House 1-66 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Vogue Boutique 1-27 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Yen Fashion 1-51 Fashion & Accessories Ladies
Dockers G-33 Fashion & Accessories Men
Page One 1-56 Fashion & Accessories Men
Toledo Fashion House 2-61 Fashion & Accessories Men
9 Months 3-51 Fashion & Accessories Children & Maternity
Chicco 3-63 Fashion & Accessories Children & Maternity
Coco & Ian 3-62 Fashion & Accessories Children & Maternity
Girls G-67A Fashion & Accessories Children & Maternity
Growing Up with Little Me 3-55 Fashion & Accessories Children & Maternity
Little Me 3-56 Fashion & Accessories Children & Maternity
Mothercare 3-10 Fashion & Accessories Children & Maternity
Peekaboo 3-24 Fashion & Accessories Children & Maternity
Minoshe 1-63 Fashion & Accessories Langerie
Neubodi 1-78 Fashion & Accessories Langerie
Peppy 1-57 Fashion & Accessories Langerie
Secret 3-19B Fashion & Accessories Langerie
City Optics LG&B-13A Fashion & Accessories Eyewear & Optics
Focus Point LG&B-69 Fashion & Accessories Eyewear & Optics
Braun Buffel G-29 Fashion & Accessories Leather & Luggage
Coach G-51 Fashion & Accessories Leather & Luggage
Leather Avenue 1-01 Fashion & Accessories Leather & Luggage
Luca 1-29 Fashion & Accessories Leather & Luggage
Bata 1-60 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Carlo Rino G-11 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Clarks G-76 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Coco Monabo LG-49 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Converse LG-62 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Everlast LG-63 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Fipper 1-30 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Heatwave 1-86 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Hush Puppies LG-31 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
J&M G-28 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Kvoll 2-47 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Lea Centre 3-02 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Next STore 1-31 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Obermain LG-32 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Payless Shoes LG-27 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
SOS 1-12 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Shoeaholic 3-39 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Skechers G-43 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Sox World 1-46 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
SvezSqi 1-58 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Verns 1-34 Fashion & Accessories Footwear
Habib Jewels G-25 Fashion & Accessories
Heart Attack G-67B Fashion & Accessories
HOJB 1-33 Fashion & Accessories
Insight 1-94 Fashion & Accessories
Lazo Diamond LG-LGA Fashion & Accessories
Pandora G-22 Fashion & Accessories
President Jewelry 1-55 Fashion & Accessories
Sweetie 1-47 Fashion & Accessories
Sweetie Moo 2-58 Fashion & Accessories
Thomas Sabo G-23 Fashion & Accessories
Tomei G-45 Fashion & Accessories
City Chain G-27 Fashion & Accessories Timepieces
Fong Sang Yick LG-30 Fashion & Accessories Timepieces
G Time LG-19 Fashion & Accessories Timepieces
G-Factory 1-93 Fashion & Accessories Timepieces
Lumitime 1-16 Fashion & Accessories Timepieces
WK Gallery 2-16 Fashion & Accessories Timepieces
Swatch G-47 Fashion & Accessories Timepieces
AC Beauty Lane 2-10B Beauty & Personal Care Beauty Parlours
Intracell 2-31 Beauty & Personal Care Beauty Parlours
Kang Yu Beauty Centre 2-30 Beauty & Personal Care Beauty Parlours
Marie France Bodyline 2-27 Beauty & Personal Care Beauty Parlours
Monice Beauty 2-24 Beauty & Personal Care Beauty Parlours
Swiss Cell 2-49 Beauty & Personal Care Beauty Parlours
Waxx Up 2-33 Beauty & Personal Care Beauty Parlours
Gensis Theraphy 3-70 Beauty & Personal Care Spa & Massage
Jari-Jari Spa 2-34 Beauty & Personal Care Spa & Massage
The Body Shop G-72 Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
Crabtree & Evelyn G-62 Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
Cuttie Bettie 2-23 Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
E Noveal 2-17 Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
Eco Genesis 3-48 Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
Elianto 1-26 Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
H2O+ G-73A Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
Holika Holika 1-83 Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
Liquids 2-54 Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
L’Occitane en Provence G-60 Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
Nature Republic G-70 Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
SaSa G-63 Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
Shu Uemura G-61 Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
Skin Food 1-82 Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
Tony Moly 3-06 Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
Yves Rocher G-73B Beauty & Personal Care Skincare
52nd Street 2-22 Beauty & Personal Care Hair Salons
GC Gredgory Concept 3-72 Beauty & Personal Care Hair Salons
MakeOver Hair STudio 2-37 Beauty & Personal Care Hair Salons
Eu Yan Sang 3-43 Beauty & Personal Care Health
GNC Live Well 3-45 Beauty & Personal Care Health
LSC Healthy Living 3-47 Beauty & Personal Care Health
Natural Green House 3-46 Beauty & Personal Care Health
Cosway Farmasi 3-15 Beauty & Personal Care Pharmacists
Guardian LG-58 Beauty & Personal Care Pharmacists
Watson’s Pharmacy LG-25 Beauty & Personal Care Pharmacists
Baskin Robbins 1-FA Food & Beverage Desserts / Bakeries
Big Apple Donuts & Coffee LG-04 Food & Beverage Desserts / Bakeries
Justberrys Dessert House 3-19A Food & Beverage Desserts / Bakeries
Manggo Mix 3-28 Food & Beverage Desserts / Bakeries
Multibake 3-28 Food & Beverage Desserts / Bakeries
Ochado 1-FB Food & Beverage Desserts / Bakeries
Starbucks G-02&69 Food & Beverage Desserts / Bakeries
Yoyo Cafe LG-71 Food & Beverage Desserts / Bakeries
BBQ Chicken LG-76 Food & Beverage Fast Food
Great Delights LG-06 Food & Beverage Fast Food
Kenny ROgers ROasters LG-73 Food & Beverage Fast Food
Pizza Hut LG-75 Food & Beverage Fast Food
KFC LG-74 Food & Beverage Fast Food
The Chicken Rice Shop LG-76 Food & Beverage Fast Food
Food Court 3-73 Food & Beverage
Beyond Veggie G&1-5 Food & Beverage Restaurants
Ristorante Grazie 3-36 Food & Beverage Restaurants
LV Bar & Cafe G&1-03 Food & Beverage Restaurants
Natural Kitchen LG-10 Food & Beverage Restaurants
Secret Recipe G&1-06 Food & Beverage Restaurants
Sushi Tei G-68 Food & Beverage Restaurants
Tam Nak Thai 3-33 Food & Beverage Restaurants
The Fullhouse G&1-07 Food & Beverage Restaurants
The Glass Grill & Bar 7-01 Food & Beverage Restaurants
Upperstar G-35 Food & Beverage Restaurants
Times Bookstore 2-20 Books & Stationary
1 Homeware 3-42 Lifestyle Home & Decor
Daiso Japan LG-45 3-42 Lifestyle Home & Decor
Duca Home 1-35 3-42 Lifestyle Home & Decor
Dunlopillo 2-50 3-42 Lifestyle Home & Decor
Harmonic AV 2-64 3-42 Lifestyle Home & Decor
Hollywood Music House 2-18 3-42 Lifestyle Home & Decor
Luxury Kitchen 2-10 3-42 Lifestyle Home & Decor
Rugs & Furnishing 2-48 3-42 Lifestyle Home & Decor
Sealy Sleep Boutique 2-21B 3-42 Lifestyle Home & Decor
Sweet Dream 2-59 3-42 Lifestyle Home & Decor
ACI 3-04 Lifestyle IT & Electronics
Galaxy IT World 3-13 Lifestyle IT & Electronics
HP 2-11 Lifestyle IT & Electronics
Huat Ming Enterprise 2-05 Lifestyle IT & Electronics
On on Electric 2-01 Lifestyle IT & Electronics
PC Image 2-02 Lifestyle IT & Electronics
SenQ 2-69 Lifestyle IT & Electronics
Technocrats G-41 Lifestyle IT & Electronics
A1 Perfect LG-17 Lifestyle Photo
Digi Colour Pro Shop 3-68 Lifestyle Photo
On On Camera 2-03 Lifestyle Photo
Pictures 3-49 Lifestyle Photo
Yes LG-12 Lifestyle Telecoms Phones
Celcom Blue Cube LG-64 Lifestyle Telecoms Phones
Colorful G-42 Lifestyle Telecoms Phones
Digi Express Store LG-15 Lifestyle Telecoms Phones
Maxis 3-53 Lifestyle Telecoms Phones
Mo:tive 2-74 Lifestyle Telecoms Phones
Picotec 2-10 Lifestyle Telecoms Phones
Senbaono 2-68A Lifestyle Telecoms Phones
TT Art Photo 2-68B Lifestyle Telecoms Phones
Xperia LG-16 Lifestyle Telecoms Phones
Amp Square Karaoke 8-03 Leisure & Entertainment
Lockdown – Escape Room Game 8-03 Leisure & Entertainment Escape Room
CYC Mega Leisure World 8-02 Leisure & Entertainment
Golden Screen Cinemas 8-01 Leisure & Entertainment
Mega Kiddie 3-03 Leisure & Entertainment
Speedy 2-76 Leisure & Entertainment
100 Yen Shop 3-11 Gifts & Souvenirs
Barang-barang from Sabah LG-18 Gifts & Souvenirs
Borneo Delights 2-36 Gifts & Souvenirs
Chocolate Shoppe LG-48 Gifts & Souvenirs
Cozy Cottage 3-23 Gifts & Souvenirs
Crossover 3-54 Gifts & Souvenirs
Little Imperial Palace Gallery 3-07 Gifts & Souvenirs
Party Shop 3-27 Gifts & Souvenirs
Present Wonderland 3-67 Gifts & Souvenirs
Queen Station 3-57 Gifts & Souvenirs
Sabah Delights 3-40 Gifts & Souvenirs
The U 1-48 Gifts & Souvenirs
Yan City LG-37 Gifts & Souvenirs
Adidas Neo LG-57 Sportswear Outdoors
Columbia Adventure Gear LG-66 Sportswear Outdoors
Grace One Sports Inspire LG-51 Sportswear Outdoors
Sportmart 3-20 Sportswear Outdoors
Tong’s Traveller Gear LG-22 Sportswear Outdoors
Fitness Concept Store LG-33 Fitness Health Equipment
Gintell 3-65 Fitness Health Equipment
Health Life 3-58 Fitness Health Equipment
Health Stream 2-65 Fitness Health Equipment
Ogawa 2-67 Fitness Health Equipment
Zero 3-50 Fitness Health Equipment
City Grocer 3-41 Supermarket
Regus 8-04 Serviced Offices Meeting Rooms
Sabah State Library F-01 Library
Park & Polish 4-02 Car Wash
Definite Rich Money Changer LG-12B Money Changer
UAE Exchange LG-38 Money Changer
Maybank LG-LG1A ATM


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