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Sabah Taxi Fare Calculator

Taxis in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

A tool to help you work out what the price of a taxi journey in Kota Kinabalu should cost.

This excludes to/from airport, which is regulated differently.

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Taxi rates in Kota Kinabalu and Sabah are supposedly law, as determined by LPKP, the Sabah Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board, but the taxi prices law is ignored by taxi drivers, and not policed by any enforcement agency.

Taxis have meters (usually hidden under a hat on the dashboard) and are supposed to use them, but because of the ever-increasing competition for passengers, taxis do less trips and therefore feel they should earn more per trip. So while taxis want to charge more, passengers want to ride less, and to make things worse more licenses are still issued.

The new(est) taxi fares are RM10 for the first 3km or 9 mins, and then 12c for every 100m or 18 seconds after that. Type in your start and end destinations and our Fare Taxi Tool will quote you the real, supposedly LPKP-regulated taxi rate, which you can use to negotiate the price of your taxi ride.

Once you’re in a taxi, do have a civilized conversation with your driver about the situation, it’s a revelation.

Complaints About Taxis

LPKP, although they know full well no taxi driver uses the meter ever, still wants passengers to complain about individual incidents with more information that what most people care to gather. And in the end, it’s for nothing, because this has been a problem for many years.

If you still want to bother complaining, then email, or call 1-800-88-4266 or +60 88 238 244.

Provide as much info as possible: your name, contact details, the taxi’s license plate number, driver’s name, date, time and location of the incident.

The calculations for taxi prices on this page are based on this PDF (PDF download, 20kb, hosted here on, which is available on the relevant Government website from this page, that links to this original PDF (20kb, hosted on However, like their real life service, LPKP’s online service isn’t working at the moment. Here’s (another) LPKP portal – – with a similar document, which outlines the taxi rates (in Bahasa Malaysia, taxi rates are on the last page): Public Transport Rates.

That last document was most recently accessed and the price components verified on 3 Aug 2017, but can change at any time.