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10 Recommended Tours & Activities in Sabah, Borneo

On the beach near Kota Belud waiting for Sunset - Proboscis Monkey & Firefly River Cruise, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Our 10 recommended tours & activities in Sabah, Borneo highlight not-to-be-missed attractions that offer a well-balanced experience of culture, sights and food.

Sandakan Wildlife 1-Day Tour

Orangutan at Sepilok welcoming Tourists

Sandakan, on Sabah’s east coast, boasts a great variety of sanctuaries within a short distance of town. Our Sandakan Wildlife 1-Day Tour is highly recommended to make the most of time and money on the wildlife trail.

It’s possible to join our Sandakan Wildlife 1-Day Tour from Sandakan or, with optional extra flights, as a day trip from Kota Kinabalu.

Either way, our expert guide will collect you from your hotel in Sandakan or from the airport at the start of the tour. You will then visit the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehab Centre, the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary, the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre and the Rainforest Discovery Centre.


Proboscis Monkey & Firefly River Cruise

Proboscis monkeys on the river banks in Sabah, Borneo

Meanwhile, back on the west coast and from a base in Kota Kinabalu, you can experience Borneo’s wildlife on local rivers too. Our Proboscis Monkey & Firefly River Cruise takes you to near the town of Kota Belud where a leisurely cruise down the river will bring you close to Sabah’s icon proboscis monkeys.

Watch them frolic in the trees as they prepare for dusk not far from rural villages along the banks of the river. If you’re lucky, one of Sabah’s legendary sunsets will create an unforgettable twilight scene. You’ll then enjoy a buffet dinner before heading to another part of the river where hundreds of fireflies will light up your night.


Mari Mari Cultural Village

KadazanDusun traditional setting recreated at Mari Mari Cultural VIllage

Mari Mari Cultural Village is one of SabahBah’s favourite tourist attractions. Simply put, it’s well-run, beautiful and informative.  Mari Mari Cultural Village is a living museum and offers a great opportunity to get to know more about some of Sabah’s vibrant people.

Interactive, guided visits to tribal homes are informative and engages all the senses while learning more about the origins, food, culture and rituals of 5 of Sabah’s prominent ethnic groups. Set among lush rainforest, the Mari Mari Cultural Village experience is authentic and immersive, truly a worthwhile half-day tour for any visitor to Borneo.


Sabah Cooking Class

A Sabah souvenir that keeps on giving - the skill of cooking local food

If there’s something that’s more diverse than Sabah’s people, it’s their food. An endless variety of colourful, delicious and fragrant cuisine abounds around literally every corner. Visitors who fall in love with Sabah food will find that most freshly cooked dishes don’t travel very well.  But worry not, help is at hand – a Sabah Cooking Class gives the gift of knowledge.

At the start of your Sabah Cooking Class we’ll fetch you from your hotel and whisk you away to a local market for ingredient shopping. With bags full of groceries we head to our host’s home for hands-on instruction on how to prepare and cook an authentic Sabah meal. At the end of your class you get to enjoy your wonderful creations.


Tip of Borneo Day Tour

One of the beaches at the Tip of Borneo, Kudat - Book it online with

Far enough from the bustling Kota Kinabalu to be untouched, but close enough to reach for a day trip, the Tip of Borneo is an unpolished gem. Famed for typical post-card scenes of white beaches washed with azure waters and fanned by arching palm trees, the Tip of Borneo is more than just the most northerly outcrop of Borneo and Sabah.

Our Tip of Borneo Day Tour takes you to enjoy the beaches, yes, but along the way we also visit a Rungus Longhouse, a bastion of culture representing the area’s dominant ethnic tribe. We also drop by a village where everybody is in the business of making an iconic Sabah instrument – the gong. And last we visit a bee farm to see and taste products of Borneo Bees.


Snorkeling in the TAR Marine Park

Book a Snorkeling & Island Hopping Daytrip online with

Miss the TAR Park and miss out. The Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park lies on the doorstep of the city of Kota Kinabalu, is home to 5 islands, beautiful beaches and vibrant corals. Little wonder that it’s usually among the top recommended tours & activities in Sabah, Borneo.

Snorkeling in the TAR Marine Park starts at 8:30 in the morning and takes you to the TAR Park for snorkelling. There are plenty of snorkeling sites in the park, but where we go will depend on the abilities of the participants and, more importantly, what the weather and currents are doing on any particular day. Nevertheless, a day of fun in the sea among beautiful islands is inevitable.


Waterfall Jungle Trekking

Jungle trekking the rainforest is a highly recommended activity when you’re in Sabah, Borneo. We appreciate that not everyone has the time and gusto for full-on jungle trekking, so we’re happy to offer an easy alternative.

Our 1-day Kiansom Waterfall Jungle Trekking tour is easily accessible from Kota Kinabalu, yet takes you to unspoiled tropical rainforest, where a knowledgeable guide will introduce you to the wonders of Sabah’s rainforest. The trek includes a cooling swim at the base of a picturesque waterfall that will stoke your love for the jungle.


Salt Trails Jungle Trekking

Adventurous jungle trekking along the Crocker Range Mountains in Sabah, Borneo

If your love for the jungle burn strong then the Salt Trails Jungle Trekking is not to be missed. This 3 night 4 day itinerary is for adamant jungle trekkers who love hiking and experiencing the splendour of nature by foot.

34km of trails will lead you along the peaks and valleys of the Crocker Range Mountains with slippery slopes, raging rivers and dense tropical jungle along the way. You will experience local hospitality, taste traditional food and hike to parts of Sabah’s interior only a selected few will ever see.


Kiulu River White Water Rafting

Kiulu River White Rafting is recommended as a fun, family-friend rafting activity - book it online with

Sabah has her share of raging Borneo rivers and as many people trying to tame those rivers. Perhaps the Kiulu River is one of those already tamed, because it’s a family friendly white water rafting that is fun for everyone.

Featuring class 1 & 2 rapids, Kiulu River White Water Rafting is rough enough to make you wet, but subtle enough so that junior and grandma can join in the fun. The Kiulu valley is just about an hour away from Kota Kinabalu, so your Kiulu River White Water Rafting is an easy-going half day tour.


Padas River White Water Rafting

For an action-packed rafting experience, we recommened the Padas River White Water Rafting - book it online with

Like a rabid animal frothing at the mouth, Padas River White Water Rafting is for adventure seekers who can paddle and hold on at the same time. It takes a while to reach the start of the rafting, which lies deep in the Borneo rainforest, but once you’ve reached your destination, the class 3 & 4 rapids will help you forget all about how you got there.

Expert operators will guide you on safety and technique and help you squeeze as much adrenaline out of your Padas River White Water Rafting experience as possible.


10 Recommended Tours & Activities

So there you have, our 10 recommended tours and activities in Kota Kinabalu & Sabah. Follow the links for each tour and find out more details and how to get them booked and waiting during your visit to Sabah.