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Accommodation at Kinabalu Park

Mt Kinabalu Accommodation

Kinabalu Park is the starting point for a climb of Mt Kinabalu, but is also one of Malaysia’s first World Heritage Sites. A range of accommodation is available at Kinabalu Park.

Mt Kinabalu AccommodationAbout a two hour drive away from Kota Kinabalu, at the foot of Mt Kinabalu, lies Kinabalu Park.

At 1,585m above sea-level, Kinabalu National Park is the location of a variety of accommodation managed by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges.

The accommodation at Kinabalu Park is often used by those about to climb Mt Kinabalu, those who have just climbed Mt Kinabalu and travelers, families and couples wishing to experience the abundance of nature to be found in Kinabalu Park.

In 2000, UNESCO declared Kinabalu Park as Malaysia’s first World Heritage Site.

On the UNESCO web site it is noted that Kinabalu Park contains high biodiversity featuring more than half of all flowering plant families.

It further states that the majority of Borneo’s mammals, birds, invertebrates and amphibians (of which many are vulnerable and threatened) occur in the Park.

Indeed, from top to bottom it’s possible to experience habitats as diverse as tropical lowland, hill rainforest, tropical mountain forest, sub-alpine forest and scrub in the higher elevations.

Kinabalu Park is truly a human heritage and as such, a popular tourist destination.