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El Centro Cafe – Good food, awesome cocktails

Launch night at El Centro was a big affair, because everybody in Kota Kinabalu loves a new place. And a party.

It’s easy to like El Centro, a new cafe and bar in Kota Kinabalu, where you can go have a bite to eat, indulge in delectable cocktails and have actual conversations with the people you’re with.

Launch night at El Centro was a big affair, because everybody in Kota Kinabalu loves a new place. And a party.So Fresh it still smell of Wood

El Centro is opposite Wisma Merdeka on the block between Kinabalu Daya Hotel on the 1 side and Millemewa on the other.

It’s a welcoming cafe and bar where the furniture is made of re-purposed drift wood, the decor is minimalist, and the emphasis is on people.

The storefront is completely open, with a wooden bar where some patrons like to hang out, making El Centro is a social place to be whether you’re inside our out, as you’re always connected to the restaurant’s vibe.

And now for something a little different

El Centro's Greek Grilled Chicken Salad is not only delicious, but great value for money tooThe food is unique amongst Kota Kinabalu’s restaurants.

Katie, the owner, has been to interesting corners of the globe and have collected her favourite recipes from her travels, which she is now sharing at El Centro.

There’s tacos, salads and hummus, sandwiches, soups, various sides and desserts.

In her bag of tricks, Katie also has the skills of a bar tender. Bar tenders know cocktails, but Katie knows awesome cocktails.

In May, a delicious flood of tasty cocktails are coming to El Centro and Katie’s friends know what’s in store. Her Bloody Mary has a well established reputation, and already legend of her margarita is rising.

Chicken satay or chicken skewers hits the spot at El CentroSunday Brunch

The menu is still evolving to the tastes and feedback of customers, but a few mainstays are well worth having.

Anything with chips is a winner, because El Centro has the secret for the perfect French fry.

From amongst the tacos, the Steak Taco is king, and the large Greek Grilled Chicken Foldover or Salad are the most value for money items on the menu.

On Sundays, you can wrap up the weekend with a tasty Sunday Brunch.

Fresh, hot breakfast tacos to fill your stomach, and a spicy Bloody Mary to ease you off whatever hangover you might be having.

An easy end to the weekend, and a beautiful start to Sunday morning.

See you at El Centro!