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Real Escape Room Games at Lockdown in Kota Kinabalu

Escape Room Games available at Lockdown in Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

The real escape room games at Lockdown is the newest in Kota Kinabalu and just opened in Suria Sabah Shopping Centre where it offers exciting mental challenges.

With the recent addition of the Candy House room, Lockdown now features 4 real escape rooms. The games offer an experience of being locked in a real-life, interactive puzzles that needs to be solved in order to escape.

Lockdown Escape Room in Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Borneo

What are Real Escape Room Games?

Escape room games are not physical challenges as such and doesn’t require breaking, climbing or running. Instead, you will be mentally challenged with clues to help you solve puzzles, open locks, find hidden doors, and progress through secret rooms to ultimately escape entirely.

Lockdown’s real escape room games in Suria Sabah have unique backstories that serve to explain how you ended up in each room and gives you a bit of direction on how to escape.

2 of the rooms can be played with just 2 people and the others require a minimum of 4. Groups of 4 – 6 are recommended for the most enjoyment.

In Suria Sabah’s Lockdown games you have 45 minutes to escape the room. Failure to do so has consequences that vary depending on which game you choose.

Lockdown escape rooms at Suria Sabah now with a new room, Candy House!

The Mental Escape

Although your 1st real escape room game might seem a little daunting, you just need to learn the frame of mind. Once you’ve acquired the puzzle mindset, the clues start making more sense and the challenges more exciting.

That’s probably why escape rooming is taking Sabah and Malaysia by storm. The anticipation, adrenaline and yes, a bit of fear, are all addictive. After your 1st real escape room game, whether you succeed or not, you immediately want to do another.

Lockdown in Suria Sabah has 4 real escape room games: Wolf Within, Small Hill Asylum, Seven and the newest addition – Candy House.

Surf on over to Lockdown’s listing in our Activities section and find out how and when you can escape a room in Suria Sabah in Kota Kinabalu.

Lockdown Special Offer

Take advantage of one of 3 Lockdown Special Offers
Mention SabahBah when you book and
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Lockdown's Birthday Special

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