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Craving for a bit of Western food, SabahBah set of to the grill part of Firefly Bar & Grill, hoping to sink our teeth into that Bourbon Glazed Back Ribs everybody’s talking about.
Ice Bar’s Clash of The Titans New Year’s Party series was arguably one of the biggest new year’s eve parties Borneo has ever seen.
Northern Chinese cuisine is a branch of Chinese food that this author has not come into contact with very often.  And whilst I may not be a food connoisseur, I know what I like. Northern Chinese cuisine; I like.
The TAR Park lies just off Kota Kinabalu’s shores and some of the islands are visible from practical anywhere in the city. It’s so much part of the everyday scenery that we often take it for granted.
You can book your rooms at in Kota Kinabalu.
If you’re looking to come to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for a holiday, you’re likely aware that the only thing better than just a holiday in Sabah, is a scuba diving holiday in Sabah.
Still Kota Kinabalu’s one and only pub quiz, the Office Pub KK pub quiz takes place every Wednesday night.
There are lots of events and activities as 1Borneo’s opening continues. The Home Decor Showcase will be staged as Kota Kinabalu’s largest leisure and lifestyle hyper mall opens this weekend.
Lifting off every weekend from the 1Borneo helipad, get a spectacular view of Kota Kinabalu’s west coast as you float silently up in the air on a hot air balloon adventure.