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It’s easy to like El Centro, a new cafe and bar in Kota Kinabalu, where you can go have a bite to eat, indulge in delectable cocktails and have actual conversations with the people you’re with.
Climb as much as you like is an attractive offer, especially when it only costs RM12. But discovers that at the Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre as much as you like might be more than as much as you can.
Hana Japanese Restaurant at City Mall in KK is friendly restaurant with fast service and an interesting menu. Hana Japanese Restaurant enjoys a popularity, which was quite unexpected for when it was so new.
Jeff D’Corner is known, by those who do know, to have the best steak in Kota Kinabalu. And those who know that, also know that on Saturdays & Sundays, Jeff D’Corner has the best BBQ Lamb in Kota Kinabalu.
Kinabalu Park is the starting point for a climb of Mt Kinabalu, but is also one of Malaysia’s first World Heritage Sites. A range of accommodation is available at Kinabalu Park.