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Fun Has No Limits at KK Adventure Park

Some mean quad bikes for the riding at KK Adventure Park

KK Adventure Park is Kota Kinabalu & Sabah’s action packed activity destination.

Located a mere 24 km from the town centre, about 35 minutes by car, the park is easily accessible. A shuttle bus services all major hotels in the city and provides a convenient way for tourists to visit the park.

Some mean quad bikes for the riding at KK Adventure ParkRun by Bryan Wade, a 5 times British Motorcross Champion, you know safety is a priority, which shows in the full range of safety kit available to all participants at KK Adventure Park.

The park is located next to the beach and is surrounded by Sabah jungle, which lends itself to many exciting and entertaining activities, briefly outlined below.

Quad Bikes

Easy to handle quad-bikes are at the ready to be enjoyed on either the 2km jungle track or on the stretch of beach fronting KK Adventure Park.

Either way, prepare for speed with a bit of mud for effect and rough terrain to make the quad-bike earn it’s keep and for your to prove your mettle.

Beach Buggies

The bungee trampolines at the KK Adventure ParkSmall but sturdy, the beach buggies cater for two.

Capable of reasonable speed, the proximity to the ground makes for a thrilling ride. The buggie is equipped with bucket seats and secure safety belts to ensure you stay in place while you zoom across the beach.

Bungee Trampolines

Said to be the only Bungee Trampolines in Sabah, these contraptions free you from the constraints of gravity.

Strap in and bounce your way to sky while you’re propelled by the bungee cords. Don’t be afraid to try a few tricks or somersaults as the bungee cords will keep you on track.

High Rope Challenge

KK Adventure Park's high ropes adventure courseIf you’re afraid of heights… then it’s all the more reason to try the High Rope Challenges!

Suspended above the ground by a mere 25-feet (a little more than 7.5m), 7 challenges await you to take up the challenge to complete them; if you like a taste of adrenaline that is.


One of the more sedate activities at the park, you can paddle towards the Kawang River and head up stream to discover some of Sabah’s wildlife along the river banks.

Climbing Wall

Kota Kinabalu’s only publicly accessible climbing wall, it towers 30 feet (approximately 9 meters) above KK Adventure Park.

The wall consists of 3 faces, providing a challenge to climbers trying it out for the first time and those who know their way around a wall already.

Low Ropes Course

KK Adventure Park's climbing wallFor little ones, or perhaps those with not enough courage for the high ropes, a lower obstacle course provides the thrill and excitement in a more contained environment.

Flying Fox

Once you’ve scampered to the top of a 40 foot (about 12 meters) tower the zip-line to the bottom points the way you’re heading. You are then securely strapped into a harness before you zoom down the 480 foot (146 meters) cable at a blistering pace.

Giant Chess | Miniature Golf | Ken’s Hidden Treasures

For younger participants or those not too keen on over-dosing on adrenaline, a range of more sedate activities will provide entertainment.

Ken’s Hidden Treasures is a sandbox filled with prizes, which needs to be unearthed in a limited time.

Or try your hand at the Miniature Golf where the greens are the rough. Or take it easy with a game of Giant Chess.

KK Adventure Park caters to groups, birthday parties, team building and corporate events and can even accommodate camping. Contact KK Adventure Park for more information.

For thrilling alternative activities when you’re in Kota Kinabalu, get your heartbeat up and your blood rushing at KK Adventure Park.