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Hana Japanese Restaurant at City Mall KK

A maki roll of some sort at Hana Japanese Restaurant, City Mall, Kota Kinabalu

Hana Japanese Restaurant at City Mall in KK is friendly restaurant with fast service and an interesting menu.

Hana Japanese Restaurant enjoys a popularity, which was quite unexpected for when it was so new.

Hana Japanese Restaurant's Sushi Train, City Mall, Kota KinabaluEven now that it’s no longer the only Japanese Restaurant at City Mall, there’s always a crowd at Hana Japanese Restaurant.

But like other popular restaurants in Borneo, Hana Japanese Restaurant has found success in the combination of good service and good food, attracting customers in droves.

Hana Japanese Restaurant is situated on the right side of City Mall, opposite Old Town White Coffee and near Big Apple Donuts.

Having recently added an outside seating area, the inside area consists of several inlets and areas providing a level of privacy to diners.

In the front of the shop the sushi train displays a selection of delicacies, which can either be picked from the train perpetually looping the sushi counter, or ordered.

Chicken Skewers on the menu at Hana Japanese Restaurant at City Mall, Kota KinabaluUsing a system of the usual colour-coded plates, dishes range in price from RM2 to RM10.

The menu of Hana Japanese Restaurant features creative Japanese dishes not seen elsewhere in KK’s growing number of Japanese restaurants.

The usual set dishes with either fish, beef or chicken as the main, is interspersed with creative dishes like deep fried tofu, chicken skewers, squid sticks and the must-try sushi pizza.

The sushi pizza is salmon on a deep fried rice bed, and if you don’t love it the first time, you certainly will like it.

The menu is peppered with an irresistible collection of small dishes that begs to be tried.

A maki roll of some sort at Hana Japanese Restaurant, City Mall, Kota KinabaluWhat is noticeable from the moment you try to open the door before a light-footed staff member does it for you, is that Hana Japanese Restaurant’s staff are very attentive.

Plates are cleared virtually the moment they become empty and green teas are replenished moments after your last sip.

Prices on the menu at Hana Japanese Restaurant are reasonable, and vary from RM6 for some of the individual dishes, up to RM20 for set meals and more for some of the premium meat dishes.

It’s easy to push up your own bill, because the food is delicious and inviting, making self control hard.

When you have a craving for not just traditional Japanese food, but Japanese food with an edge, then you’ll find satisfaction at Kota Kinabalu’s City Mall by visiting Hana Japanese Restaurant.