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HERE is What You’ve Been Looking For

HERE Mapping Vehicle - Image provided by HERE Malaysia

You may have noticed that we’ve recently added the HERE Map Creator Workshop to our events listings. Although the event is not for tourists directly, the outcome of the event will benefit tourists and locals greatly.’s mission has always been “To help tourists find Sabah on the Internet & On the Map“, so when we were approached by HERE to help spread awareness of this workshop that involves one such a map, we jumped at the chance.


What You’ve Been Looking for is HERE

HERE Map Creator Workshop in Kota Kinabalu, SabahHERE is a Nokia company.

Yes, the same Nokia that you probably associate with mobile phones.

HERE, together with Nokia Technologies and Nokia Networks employes over 57,000 people globally, and are deeply invested in all sorts of research and development in various fields of information technology and content.

HERE maps are found in 4 out of 5 cars in North America and Europe, so chances are that if you’ve ever used or seen in action a car’s GPS navigation system, you’ve more than likely experienced a HERE product.

HERE is in fact a leader in navigation, mapping and location experiences. Their HD maps, combined with cloud technology, delivers real-time location data to a variety of connected devices from smartphones, to tablets, to wearables and in your car. Get the HERE app for your device.

Leading brands like Toyota, BMW, Daimler, Samsung and Microsoft rely on HERE’s 6,000 experts in 55 countries that provide mapping services to their customers of not just maps, but also voice directions (in 119 countries), live traffic info (in 44 countries) and public transit routing info (in 971 cities).


HERE Mapping Community

To build a map takes a community and to build the community HERE created a tool at It lets anyone map their local neighborhood, city or country with a super-simple tool that allows edits and additions to existing maps, visible to all once validated.

Outstanding members of the HERE Mapping Community are noticed and the annual HERE Expert Community Program is an award program for to those members who make exceptional contributions with the creator tool.

In the 2014 – 2015 period, HERE Malaysia bestowed 8 top influencers in Malaysia with the coveted Map Master title, recognising their excellent contributions. HERE continues to work with Map Masters to build relationships, share ideas and expand the community.

HERE Map Creator online

HERE Mapping Communities in Malaysia have collaborated with The Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia, the State Land Survey Board in Sabah & Sarawak, National Geomatics & Geoinformatics, and Microsoft Students Partners for map creator based competitions.

HERE Malaysia has also been appointed as a Polytechnic Industry Partner recognized by the Ministry of Education.

In 2015 HERE Malaysia is expanding the HERE Expert Community Program with a variety of potential users, including students, professional groups and others who are interested.


HERE Map Creator Workshop in Kota Kinabalu

Starting with the HERE Map Creator Workshop on Saturday, 10 October in Kota Kinabalu, HERE will be expanding their core community in Sabah and everyone, students, lecturers, map junkies or those with a keen mapping interest, is invited to join in and help make Sabah maps better.

The HERE Map Creator Workshop will equip attendees with the tools and knowledge for what it takes to become a HERE Map Expert – all you need is your own laptop.

Spaces for the HERE Map Creator Workshop are limited, so be sure to register early through the event’s page on SabahBah.