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Jeff D’Corner – The best steak in Kota Kinabalu

Jeff D’Corner is known, by those who do know, to have the best steak in Kota Kinabalu.

And those who know that, also know that on Saturdays & Sundays, Jeff D’Corner has the best BBQ Lamb in Kota Kinabalu.

The legendary Jeff Chung from Jeff D CornerJeff D’Corner isn’t Kota Kinabalu’s best kept secret on purpose.

It simply fills up every night with a crowd of regulars who already know where to find the best tenderloin steak and BBQ lamb in Kota Kinabalu.

No additional advertising goes into disclosing the location of Jeff D’Corner.

But when traveling from Damai in the direction Beverly Hills, when you’re at the crossing of the Lintas-Kolombong highway, you may notice an exit from the crossing at about one thirty (if you imagine the face of a clock).

At this obscure exit is where you will locate Jeff D’Corner.

With quality beef and lamb regularly flown in from New Zealand, and the proprietor and expert griller, Jeffery Chung, wielding his magic behind the grill, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up with a succulent, juicy piece of meat on your plate.

Jeff D’Corner’s popularity can be summed up with good food and good prices and decent service.

The most ‘expensive’ item on the menu (and the best steak in KK) is the flown-in, chilled (never frozen), Australian tenderloin beef at mere RM21 per plate of perfection.

The Lamb BBQ is an absolute bargain at RM12 for the biggest plate of boneless lamb you’ll find in KK.

The meats are backed up by a menu of starters, soups and a selection of seafood items.

Another legendary item on the menu is the Oxtail. Served only on certain days, you best phone ahead and make sure Jeff is serving this delicacy when you plan to visit.

To quench a meaty thirst, Jeff D’Corner serves beer by the bottle or bucket, soft drinks and a variety of fresh fruit juices.