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A Kota Kinabalu City Walk

KK City Walk Through Video

Here’s a short video that’s more fun than informative, but it does give a quick overview of some of the central city’s start attractions.

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Bear with us while we get you another.

Visit one of Kota Kinabalu’s often promoted and oldest heritage sites, the Atkinson’s Clock Tower.

After a quick view, the walk takes you up along Jalan Istana on the ride of Signal Hill, to the Signal Hill lookout deck for a comprehensive view of the city. A few prominent landmark in the city are superimposed on the video.

After you’ve had your fill of the lookout’s sweeping vistas, you then return to the city via a nano jungle trek that cuts down from Jalan Istana an exists in Australia Place. Every so often macaques are spotted on this road and in these jungles, so if you’re very lucky you’ll get some of that. Otherwise it’s a beautiful pocket of rainforest to enjoy.

The walk then continues along Kota Kinabalu’s main road, Jalan Tun Razak, and crosses goes up the pedestrian bridge near the Post Office, which leads to the city’s Pasar Besar (Big Market), also called the Central Market.

A quick walkthrough takes us through the multitude of fruit and vegetable stalls, and then heads outside, towards the large handicraft market situated just next door. A brief scurry through explosion of colours in the maze of trinkets, brings the walk to the end.

Have fun.