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Monday Pasta Madness at Bella Italia

Alio Olio, always a winner and even so at Bella Italia

SabahBah went to Bella Italia Pizzeria & Ristorante the other Monday to sample the all-you-can-eat Monday Pasta Madness promo.

At RM30 it really is madness.

Alio Olio, always a winner and even so at Bella ItaliaSabahBah got there nice and early with the eye on eating plenty and although Bella Italia was fairly busy event though it was early, we managed to get table close to the bar.

The Monday Pasta Madness deal is that you pay RM30 and you can order as much as you can eat from the special menu created for this promotion.

The catch is, you have to finish your plate before you can order the next dish.

This is all good and well, but the drawback is that you have to wait a while for the next dish, which could take some time if the restaurant is busy.

Moving on, the Monday Pasta Madness menu is fairly concise with 3 choices each across 4 sections, which are Soups & Salads, Tomato Based Pastas, Dry Style Pastas and Cream Based Pastas.

A quick bit of math and you’ll notice you have a choice of 12 dishes in total.

The creamy salmone at Bella Italia during Monday madnessIn the time we were there, between 2 people, we managed to have a soup, a garden salad, and 3 pasta dishes.

The soup was Minestrone, which came out nice and hot and was quite tasty. We also had the Garden Salad, which was crisp and fresh, although the dressing was a tad too tangy for our palates.

A must-have pasta dish for SabahBah is always going to be the Aglio e Olio, which is a fairly basic pasta dish with lots of olive oil, garlic and chili.

Bella Italia’s version didn’t disappoint, although they were careful with the chili, perhaps because a large portion of their clientele is westerners, who don’t always appreciate chili as much.

The 2nd pasta dish was the Marina; a pasta with mixed seafood & chili. Again the chili was light and the tomato was prominent, but overall not bad.

The final pasta dish, by which time we were already filling up, was chosen from the cream-based section, for the sake of a balanced review, you see?

We chose the Salmone, a rich dish with homemade smoked salmon and parsley. If you’re a fan of smoked salmon, you’ll love this dish, but beware, it’s quite heavy, so perhaps not on a nearly-full stomach.

Between the laid back pace of us eating, and having to wait between courses for the next, we actually filled up good, and positively struggled to finish the last dish.

Bella Italia’s Monday Pasta Madness is value for money and compliments their regular menu, which is well worth checking out.