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Northern Chinese Cuisine at KK’s Moon Bell

Northern Chinese cuisine is a branch of Chinese food that this author has not come into contact with very often.  And whilst I may not be a food connoisseur, I know what I like.

Northern Chinese cuisine; I like.

Moo Bell Restaurant in Kota KinabaluBut please, don’t just simply believe me.

Moon Bell Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu will provide you with all the proof that you need to know that once you’ve eaten northern Chinese, sweet n sour anything from that Chinese takeaway back home will pale in comparison.

Moon Bell Restaurant shines on KK’s main road, opposite Wisma Merdeka, halfway between the Hyatt and Capital Hotel.

It’s open for lunch and dinner every day of the week, except Mondays, so plan your culinary itinerary accordingly.

The menu is not as elaborate as some of the Chinese eateries here in KK, but that’s a good thing, as they do a few things, and do them well.  And do they ever.

All the meats, except pork, are represented; duck, chicken, lamb, beef and seafood all feature with at least 4 dishes to choose from in each category.

Once you’ve made the difficult decision of choosing a mouthwatering dish, you’ll realise after tasting it that you will have to choose another, and another.

Is the spicy tastes? The rich aromas? The way seemingly ordinary potato sets the juices flowing like when Remy in Ratatouille pops different types of food in his mouth and imagines the flavours like fireworks on his palate?

Yes to all of them.

It’s true of Moon Bell’s food, you can’t go there just once.  It’s the type of food you crave.

The type of food that makes you sit up in bed at 2am, smack your lips and say to yourself, “I can really do with big helping of Stir Fried Lazy Crab.”

It happens.

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