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Party Play at a new venue in Gaya Street

The interior of Party Play Gaya Street is large and industrial. It screams PARTY!

There’s a new kid on the block; and that block is in Gaya street, where you’ll find the newest branch of the popular restaurant Party Play.

By the looks of the design and layout of this new branch, I think it’s a safe to say you can put your party hat on. 

One of the big entrances at Party Play Gaya StreetParty Play, which has its roots in Singapore, had humble beginnings in 2010 in a quiet lot in Lintas Plaza, Kota Kinabalu.

They went from unknown to famous in a very short time. Some would credit KK’s oh-it’s-new-we-must-try-it-now culture, whilst others would argue their success is down to doing what they do well.

The fact that after 2 years Party Play are a) still standing and b) expanding, shows that they are giving the people of Kota Kinabalu what they want: good food, good price, good surroundings.

Something New in Somewhere Old

From 1 branch in a small lot in Lintas in 2010, to 3 branches in 2012 – of which the newest one is in the prime and historic location of Gaya Street – Party Play is forging ahead.

Party Play Gaya Street exterior at nightThe branch in Gaya Street, which launched this July, is a 2 story shop lot in a building that dates back to the 1950s.

According to its website, Party Play has spent the last 2 months renovating the shop to transform it into a venue in which you can easily imagine your next event taking place.

The ground floor has an industrial, but inviting feel to it, with bare, painted brick-work on the walls and bar, and a polished cement floor. The vent details above the entrances, along with heavy wooden doors and wood detail around the air-con units, are subtle and beautiful in its simplicity.

Although the decor harks back to Kota Kinabalu’s “coffee shops” of yesteryear, there is nothing stark or cheap about it. In fact, Party Play’s heavy furniture makes you feel that your experience is going to be solid and long-lasting.

Upstairs you will find more seating.

Not the News: New Menu

The other 2 branches, Party Play Lintas and Playground in City Mall respectively, have magazine / newspaper style menus, which you will either love or hate.

Either way, finding the food and drink is not as straight forward as it is at this new branch.

Ah, happy hour. From 8 - 5pm it's buy 2 get 1 free, and the prices are reasonable too.The Party Play in Gaya Street thankfully did away with the novelty menu. Instead they present an easy-to-read, chalk-board themed menu, which offers you a combination of choices from the other 2 branches. And it’s all visible at a glance.

More about the food will be reported during my next visit, as on this particular late-night visit, I simply enjoyed a hot Cafe Latte and Chocolate Fondant.

Beer on the Avenue

What grabbed my attention – and had me planning my return during this visit – were the 4 draught beer taps on the counter.

Tiger, Carlsberg, Guinness and Killkenny are all freshly tapped at Party Play Gaya Street.

From 5 – 8pm they have a Happy Hour, during which you can buy 2 pints and get 1 free.

Tiger and Carlsberg sells for RM15, whilst Guinness and Killkenny goes for RM20 per pint.

Let us know in the comments below about your experiences at the new Party Play in Gaya Street.