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Salt Trails Crocker Range Jungle Trekking

One of the easy river crossings on the Salt Trail Jungle Trek, Crocker Range

Day 2 – Kampung Terian to Kionop Community Centre

After topping up your water supply and a village breakfast that includes carb-rich sago wedges (top tip), your host family will wave farewell as you hit the Salt Trails again.

When you first sight Kampung Terian after 8 hours of walking, it's the most beautiful sight on the Salt Trails jungle trekkingBecause Kampung Terian is in a valley, day 2 of the Salt Trails Jungle Trek start with an uphill, although less severe than the one the day before.

By far the easiest of the days, after your first climb you descend into a valley, and spend the rest of the day walking along, and sometimes across, various rivers on relatively even ground.

There’s a school, farmland and rice fields along the way and much more time to notice and appreciate your surroundings. The jungle is dense, the rivers are clean and the landscape is breathtaking.

The roughly 10km of Salt Trails flies past and before you know it you’re at the Kionop Community Centre, which is a surprise find, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The community who this centre belonged to moved closer to schools, facilities and better infrastructure.

What remains is enough for your guide to cook a delicious dinner of fish, probably caught from the river nearby, and veggies off the land, and to boil water for Salt Trails Day 3, as well as give you shelter for the night. Dinner should be ready just after dark.

There are no beds here, and whatever you’ve carried with you is what will give you comfort on the wooden floor.

Next to the kitchen area is a basic shower with similar toilets to the village the night before.

Once you’re clean and warm again – hard floor in spite – you should have little trouble falling asleep.

Ready for Day 3? Let’s do it…