City Cineplex at City Mall

City Mall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

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City Cineplex is one of Kota Kinabalu’s newer movie cinemas and is located out in the suburbs in City Mall.

A ticket prices are average for KK, and the confectionery was plentiful and cheap. The cinema was free of screaming kids, although perhaps this was just a lucky night.

The cinema is, as you would expect from a newly opened establishment, clean and comfortable and the hallway leading to the cinemas almost feels as if you’re walking into somebody’s house. Seats are comfy, sound is rich and clear and the screen quality is also pretty good.

Movie Showtimes at City Cineplex

Address: Level 2, City Mall, Kota Kinabalu

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Creation Of The Gods I: Kingdom Of Storms

2hrs 28min, Mandarin 10:50AM 02:20PM 10:10PM

The Creator (ATMOS)

2hrs 13min, English 11:00AM 03:15PM 05:45PM 08:15PM 10:45PM

The Ex-Files 4: Marriage Plan

2hrs 9min, Mandarin 01:30PM 05:00PM 10:20PM


1hr 27min, Malay 11:00AM 04:30PM 11:30PM

Kisah Tanah Jawa Chapter 1: Pocong Gundul

1hr 47min, Indonesian 10:50AM 05:05PM 11:25PM

Mount Chiak

1hr 29min, Korean 10:50AM 05:50PM 11:05PM

Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie

1hr 30min, English 11:00AM 01:25PM 02:45PM 06:30PM 08:20PM


1hr 41min, Korean 12:50PM 04:35PM 07:30PM


1hr 43min, English 12:45PM 02:35PM 07:05PM 09:10PM

Just For Meeting You

1hr 43min, Mandarin 06:05PM

Tainted Love

1hr 41min, Mandarin 12:30PM 07:20PM

No More Bets

2hrs 10min, Mandarin 02:40PM 09:05PM

The Nun 2

1hr 50min, English 12:35PM 03:50PM 09:20PM

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2 reviews for City Cineplex at City Mall

  1. bobby

    Pawagam baik..servis makanan baik..kaunter pembelian tiket baik. Cuma laluan untuk keluar ke car park agak membingungkan dan KELIHATAN KURANG SELAMAT bila anda melihat wayang tengah malam, apatah lagi bersendirian. Harap pihak berkenaan boleh mengambil tindakan dengan meletakkan pak guard di laluan luar ke parking kereta bangunan terbabit. Terima kasih.

  2. Yaku

    My 1st time at this cinema. The cinema is still relatively new, and looks it. The hallway leading to the different cinemas is like somebody’s house, I almost knocked on the door before going in 🙂

    Comfortable seats, good quality screen and sound, no noise from other cinemas and no rats (seriously, it’s a problem at certain other cinemas).

    The tickets were RM11 per adult. Their snacks counter is loaded with all sorts of tidbits, paid RM3.40 for a small popcorn, which I thought was good value.

    Best part, and I admit the cinema didn’t have control over this, there were no kids (screaming or otherwise) in the cinema, so it was the quietest, most enjoyable cinema experience I’ve had in KK in years.

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