Surfing is a thing in Borneo. Surfing waves, that is, not surfing the Internet.

The surfing I’m talking about is the get-off-your-behind-and-go-get-wet kind of surfing. The kind of surfing you do standing up (or lying down, if you’re a bodyboarder) on a real surfboard down real waves.

Yes, waves. Truth be told the South China Sea isn’t exactly known for its wave action, but there are places near Kota Kinabalu where 1 – 3 foot swells are not uncommon, and up north, near Kudat and The Tip of Borneo, there are proper big-boy waves. In season.

Borneo probably isn’t a destination that comes to mind when people ponder where to go for surfing, and true, the scene is in its infancy.

You can contact Ivan for surfing tips, surf lessons and pretty much anything else surfing related in Sabah.

You can also drop by the Sabah Surfing Association’s Facebook page for more info, tips and photos.


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This listing was last updated on 31 March 2022