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Privacy & Disclosure

At we’re also Internet users and we are somewhat paranoid about where our data goes and what it gets used for. Whether or not you share that concern, we assume you value your privacy. Therefore, when you visit our site we do not collect any data about you that can identify you personally to us (or anyone else, for that matter.

We previously funded our efforts on using Google’s Adsense, and collect anonymised vistor data using Analytics implemented via Tag Manager. However, we removed all advertising and statistics about a year ago, and now only used the default WordPress stats, so our site is completely Google free.

Below is a table of cookies you can expect to receive during a visit to with a brief explanation of what they do.

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What Who Why Value Expires
tk_or WordPress Unclassified “” Session
tk_r3d WordPress Unclassified “” 72 hrs
tk_lr WordPress Unclassified “” Session

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