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At we’re also Internet users and we have the same concerns about our data that you might have about yours.

Firstly, cookies. Cookies are tiny bits of info stored on your computer that allows our site to function.

WordPress itself creates 4 cookies that doesn’t contain info about you, and is not strictly necessary. The are tk_or, tk_r3d and tk_lr. Another, cookie_notice_accepted is how we know you’ve accepted our notice about the cookies that should have appeared at the top of your screen when you first visited our site.

Google also creates a cookie. We use Google Analytics that gives us anonymised stats about our visitors, and Google Adwords to show you ads. For that the create the __gads. You can actually opt out of Adwords tracking and even third party vendor tracking by following the respective links. As for Analytics (website traffic data), here is how they use your data.

If you have any questions about anything else pertaining to what goes on on, please head on over to the Contact Us page and get in touch.