Borenos Fried Chicken

Warisan Square, A-G-18, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88000, Sabah, Malaysia

Borenos, a friend chicken joint of a concept very similar to what you would associate with a certain Colonel.


What to do when you’re a travel agency in a market where the flow of tourists can sometimes be a little unpredictable? Diversify! And why not into one of the industries in Sabah that’s just about as safe as houses – food!

Enter Borenos, a fried chicken joint of a concept very similar to what you would associate with a certain Colonel. Fried chicken is hugely popular in Sabah, but how to draw inspiration from an American concept without making it too hard to swallow? Localise it with what you feel is a clever name, and claim it to be home grown!

Like Borenos, a non-too-complicated anagram of Borneo, plus an S, because Sabah starts with an S and that’s undeniably local. Very clever indeed.

But do you fear that fried chicken is too unhealthy for you? Not at Borenos. On their website Borenos says “For anyone who thinks the words ‘healthy’ and ‘fried chicken’ can’t be in the same sentence, think again.

Borenos then explains that “Everyone including the health-conscious and weight-watchers can enjoy Borneos Fried Chicken.

If you’re waiting for a reason that justifies that claim, keep on waiting, because Borenos doesn’t offer one.  Instead they offer “It’s simply a healthier alternative”, leaving everyone to believe “healthy” and “fried chicken” can’t be in the same sentence after all. Maybe fried chicken lovers want to believe healthy and healthier are the same.

But we digress. If you want to try fried chicken from a local brand that’s pricier than the foreign competitor, then ignore the mediocre comments online, and find a Borenos Fried Chicken in Asia City or, just across the road, in Centre Point – and try for yourself.

It might well be clucking good chicken.



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This listing was last updated on 28 February 2018