Fruit Juice Stall No.6

Hawker Centre, First Beach Tanjung, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

(2 customer reviews)


Fruit Juice Stall No.6 stands out at First Beach Tanjung Aru’s hawker centre for their friendly, efficient service and quality fruit juices and smoothies.

One among many, Fruit Juice Stall No.6 is easy to spot, even at the busy centre, because it’s always humming with people queueing to try some of their legendary product.

Whether you want to try the purple dragon fruit shake, a surprisingly tasty avocado shake, the famous mango smoothy or, my personal favourite, the pure ice-blended banana smoothy with no added sugar or milk, Fruit Juice Stall No.6 is where it’s at.

Smoothies come in 2 sizes: almost too big already, and ridiculous-you’ll-never-finish-it-the-first-time big.

2 reviews for Fruit Juice Stall No.6

  1. Joel

    Best mango smoothy ever!

  2. SabahBah

    Whenever I’m at First Beach, I’ll head straight to Fruit Juice Stall No.6 for that large banana smoothy (no sugar, no milk). It cooling, refreshing, filling and a real energy boost.

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This listing was last updated on 20 August 2020