Grandchamp’s Cave & Shop

The Peak Condominium, Sabah, Malaysia

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Grandchamp’s Cave & Shop is nestled at the base of the Peak Condominium, where they serve fine wines and French gourmet food, and fine savoury and sweet products.

At first glance it appears costly, but with glasses of wine from RM17 and menu items competitively priced compared to some of Kota Kinabalu’s other premium offerings, Grandchamp’s is an affordable gourmet treat.

From foie gras, flavoured teas and exceptional chocolates, to traditional biscuits, a beautiful selection of cheese, expertly prepared steak, delectable quail and cheesy pizzas, Grandchamp’s Cave & Shop in Kota Kinabalu offers a rich, bold tastes.

Although minimally staffed, Grandchamp’s staff were attentive and efficient, with dishes delivered within close succession of each other, so that all diners ate at the same time. During SabahBah’s recent visit Grandchamp’s delivered quality, value and excellent service.

The Cave, from the French cave à vins for seller, also stocks a wide variety of wine to order by the glass or bottle, or to take home. The French Grandchamp is pronounce somewhat like gra·shang.

1 review for Grandchamp’s Cave & Shop

  1. SabahBah

    A thoroughly delightful experience on a Friday evening, varied food menu, extensive wine menu and a unique atmosphere. Attentive, confident service from just 2 service staff, quality dishes expertly prepared and our 2 diners’ dishes were delivered to the table at the same time. Surprisingly affordable and definitely worth the money.

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This listing was last updated on 20 August 2020