Hard Rock Cafe Kota Kinabalu

Oceanus Waterfront Mall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia


Hard Rock Cafe Kota Kinabalu is open in Oceanus Waterfront Mall in Sabah.

One of Hard Rock’s smaller outlets, Hard Rock Cafe Kota Kinabalu is an intimate venue. Still, it claims a seating capacity of 178 people and standing room for 138 more. It features a spacious bar and reasonable-sized stage for bands and other live performances.

Hard Rock Cafe Kota Kinabalu occupies 2 floors in Oceanus Waterfront Mall. The ground floor is devoted to the Rock Shop, whilst the 1st floor is where the eating, drinking and dancing takes place.

According to the info sheet Hard Rock Cafe Kota Kinabalu will cater to all walks of life, but it is doubtful if all walks of life could afford Hard Rock prices.

Hard Rock Cafe Kota Kinabalu offers all-day, family dining until 22:30 daily, after which and until closing it’s a nightlife venue open to over 21s only.


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This listing was last updated on 20 August 2020