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How Lee Coffee Shop is in Foh Sang, a neighbourhood of Kota Kinabalu about 10 minutes drive from the city centre.

Usually only open from late afternoon, it stays open until the wee hours of the morning and is very popular for its char siau and san yuk BBQ pork noodles and porridge of the rice variety that comes in flavours of chicken, pork and, on occasion, bat.

You can find a variety of other Chinese food at How Lee Coffee Shop, including veggie dishes and tofu.

Whatever you have, the chilli condiment is a must-try and certainly ranks near the top on SabahBah’s list of Awesome Chilli Sauces.

Although not within striking distance of the average tourist, it is on the bus route serviced by the orange minibuses that run between the city and Beverly Hills.

You can get off near the Pizza Hut in Damai and cross the road into Foh Sang, where How Lee Coffee shop and quite a few other eateries.

1 review for How Lee Coffee Shop

  1. SabahBah

    One of my favourite places for kon lau mien. Is the tasty noodles? Is it succlent char siau? Or is the delicious, tasty chilli sauce?

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This listing was last updated on 20 August 2020