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Kedai Kopi Yee Fung (Yee Fung Coffee Shop) is home to Yee Fung Laksa – arguably Kota Kinabalu’s best laksa.

When a coffee shop is still quite full at 3pm, you know they do something right.

Yee Fung’s most famous dish is the Yee Fung Laksa. It’s a not-too-spicy, very creamy, soupy noodle dish, which comes standard with prawn, but you can ask for no seafood as well. It’s packed with tofu, sprouts and strips of egg, making for a delicious dish, the edible equivalent of a warm hug.

Kedai Kopi Yee Fung does ngau chap, claypot chicken rice, fishball mee hoon and chicken wanton mee hoon as well. A small selection of side dishes include siew pak choi (Chinese cabage with oyster sauce), bean sprouts with salted fish and lettuce with oyster sauce.

Almost everything is RM7 per serving, unless you want large, then it’s RM8. Drinks are priced from the 50c (Chinese tea) up to RM3 (Horlicks), but most are somewhere inbetween.

1 review for Kedai Kopi Yee Fung

  1. SabahBah

    When I’m in Gaya Street and hungry for something warming and delicious, I immediately think of Yee Fung’s laksa. Ayam only, it’s easy to finnish the large size bowl.

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This listing was last updated on 20 August 2020