Sin Seng Fatt Coffee Shop

81-99, Jalan Gaya, Kota Kinabalu, 88000, Sabah, Malaysia

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Kedai Kopi Sin Seng Fatt in Gaya Street serves some of the tastiest, succulent BBQ pork (char sau and the fattier-but-even-tastier variety, san yuk), that SabahBah ever had the pleasure of tasting.

The white interior, stained by time, might not draw the attention of the average tourist, but the greying Mr. Lee behind his pork-filled class cabinet has a look in his eye that makes you stop to investigate.

Passing by during lunchtime usually finds Sin Seng Fatt Coffee Shop packed with punters. The char sau and san yuk sells at a brisk pace, and when you taste it you soon realise why. The san yuk in particular is as juicy and tasty as a slow-cooked Sunday roast.

There’s also interesting dishes to choose from for your economy rice-style lunch, and an interesting chicken-cooked-in-foil dish, which is often spotted on tables.

When you’re Gaya street next, do pop in to Kedai Kopi Sin Seng Fatt to try the delicious BBQ pork.




2 reviews for Sin Seng Fatt Coffee Shop

  1. Argus Totu

    “The traveller’s tavern”

    Well not exactly, since its your average Kopitiam (Coffee Shop). But at night, they serve one of the cheapest and tastiest economy rice in town, in addition, they also serve beers for weary travellers and for white collar employees who had just finised work. If you’re a frequent visitor to the kopitiam, you will notice that almost everynight you will see locals and foreigners alike hanging out and chilling. On a side note, you can purchase economy ciggrattes here as well, but only during night time.

    During day time, they serve one of the best noodles in town. Good place to have your breakfast or lunch if you’re around the area; or during Gaya Street’s weekly Sunday street market.

  2. SabahBah

    Juicy, tasty BBQ pork, even so the san yuk has a beautifully crispy skin. The “sup gosong” is is a suprise every time and can feature any or all of carrots, lotus root, chicken feet, pork bone, etc. Friendly staff too.

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This listing was last updated on 5 April 2022