Jalan Segama 2, Opp. Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

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Upperstar appeals to the masses of KK with its diner-style concept, cheap-&-cheerful western food & beer and Internet-equipped padded booths.

The chain started out with 1 outlet in Segama complex opposite the Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, many years ago, and since then Upperstar have evolved and opened up more branches – Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, Lintas, Damai, recently in Imago Mall and the new Plaza 333 a little out of town on the Donggong Highway.

All branches have the same menu, décor which is a clutter of kitsch trinkets, and service that’s very hit-or-miss.

On Upperstar’s menu aims for quantity over quality, meaning that if you have a group with diverse tastes, Upperstar is a good bet, as long as you keep your expectations in check. They also have an extensive list of beverages. When it comes to alcoholic drinks, most stick to beer when they drink at Upperstar, as their “cocktails” are probably the most disappointing thing on the menu.

Upperstar is a good choice when you’re not looking for a culinary adventure, but rather need somewhere to hang out that wont burn a hole in the pocket.

10 reviews for Upperstar

  1. Mary

    Upperstar Suria Sabah you disappointed your customer. From the food , service and cleanliness.

  2. Suzy

    Please train your waitress. Very rude.

  3. Iefa

    The food not taste good..and it served cold. Not recomended to go there.

  4. Chris

    Hi, this is for upperstar SURIA SABAH. today is the worst day I had met and is the first time I feel that you guys are unprofessional. I hope you guys will take this matter seriously because I think that I shouldnt pay you the service tax because your service doesnt worth it. Many workers BUT SOEST EVEN DO A JOB JUST KNOW CHIT CHATTING!! Bad in serving customer for example waiting for you and calling you many times but none of the waiters care you and pushing to other waiter while seeing us waiving , then we want to order the food this dont hv that dont hv and LACK in efficiency of serving foods and drinks. If you cant care the customer that is sitting too far from your counter, then DONT put that much table. Imago upperstar has a better service than yours

  5. N J Enriquez

    I had the worst dinning experienced of my life. 1 Borneo outlet is the worst of all upperstar. I had dinner last night with my pregnant wife and 8 year old son. My order was served late and cold after my wife and son have already finished their dishes. After asking 3 times for my lamb chop sauce and calling the Manager my sauce never came, i had to go in the kitchen than only they gave me the sauce, rediculous! After i called for the bill, one of the male supervisor who not only is rude but is not well groom attirely and with long dye hair. Once again i called the Manager to complain his staff behaviour but the Manager could not control his rude supervisor, i demanded the said staff to apologise for his rudeness but instead he invited me to fight him and his friends who are the 1 Borneo security guards. He even put up his fist infront of my pregnant wife and my 8 year old child. The security guards was talking rudely and obscene words to me and my family. But the funny thing is when my wife started to video this insident the security guards sunddenly dead silence and the Supervisor talked politely. The manager lost control of the incident. The solution was offered i walk away and my wife stop videoing, than the bad mount security started to blast me with his rude word once again and the supervisor giving me the fight gesture again. I would not recommend this upperstar chain to anyone.

  6. Joseph Hynes

    I ate with my family at this Upperstar in December 2015, we have never returned.
    Poor service, served luke-warm food, staff chatting and joking together instead of focussing on their job, assistant manager could barely process our complaint.

    The restaurant’s motto should be:

  7. Alexis Elizabeth

    poor service. some food only served by upperstar after we finished eating. even the employee do not treat customer right and roll their eyes on us. what kind of service is that? improve it please

  8. Wong KW

    Went to the UpperStar in Lintas on 12 September, ordered fish and chips, the worst ‘fish and chips”, the fish was overcooked, and it was basically just deep fried till rock hard.

  9. mia

    I am a loyal customer to this restaurant but I noticed that they service become poor and poor. become slow, unfriendly, rude, wrong order and much more. Highly recommended do not walk in until they improve their services. Especially at the Segama and Imago.

  10. SabahBah

    It’s cheap and cheerful. The service can be better, the food a little too, but can’t really complain for the price.

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