1Borneo Leisure & Lifestyle Hyper Mall

Jalan Sulaman, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia


1Borneo Leisure & Lifestyle Hyper Mall is Sabah’s largest shopping mall and is located about 10km away from the city centre.

The mall is home to restaurants (notably Sabah’s only Nandoo’s), fancy-label clothing, department stores, entertainment outlets, appliance stores and supermarkets.

1Borneo is home to 3 hotels, 3 apartment block towers, a cinema multiplex, night spots, a gym and a much-touted aquarium which, it is now safe to say, will probably never materialise.

Thanks to the large exhibition areas around the mall, 1Borneo Hyper Mall often hosts exhibitions and other events, which creates a beautiful traffic mess that the sloppy parking system is incapable of handling efficiently.

Even though its status is now something like completed, it has the air of a perpetual construction site.

Your choice of public transport to and from the the mall is either a city bus or a taxi.

Here’s a list of 1Borneo Hypermall’s Tenants

Click on a column to sort the shops accordingly. Hold SHIFT down to sort more than 1 column at a time.

The list is according to the 1Borneo website, which was a wee bit outdated already in December 2014.


Store Name Floor-Lot Description
The Face Shop C-140 Beauty
H&M G Fashion
Anita Fragrance G-357 Beauty
Beauty Trend G-909 Beauty
Clinique G-709 Beauty
Elianto G-706 Beauty
Etude G-700 Beauty
I Skin G-342 Beauty
MAC G-619 Beauty
Sasa G-227 Beauty
Shizens G-717a Beauty
The Body Shop G-343 Beauty
Tony Moly G-307 Beauty
Giant C-200 Department Store
One Stop Super Store C-101a Department Store
Kamdar F-100a Department Store
Parksons F-200/G-200 Department Store
Daiso S-101a Department Store
Boo Boo Land Amusement Centre F-600 Entertainment
Bumper Car F-336 Entertainment
Fun Square F-828 Entertainment
D Cyber G-921 Entertainment
Golden Screen Cinemas S-300 Entertainment
Mont Spa S-308 Entertainment
Stars Archery S-210 Entertainment
Suria FM S-312 Entertainment
Terminal X S-600 Entertainment
U-Bowl S-301 Entertainment
G Sport G-805 Entertainment
Likasnet.com F-135 Entertainment
Sky Internet S-617 Entertainment
K Box KTV F-311 Entertainment
Black Queen C-705 Fashion
Give Me Five C-723 Fashion
My Craft C-723a Fashion
S&M Jewellery C-708 / S-702/703/705 Fashion
Sunflower C-325 Fashion
Barry Fashion F-625 Fashion
Axxezz G-110 Fashion
Cottage House G-718 Fashion
Crocus G-325 Fashion
Omis Vision Enterprise G-239a Fashion
Koleksi Faraheen C-722 Fashion
Mardhiyah Busana C-720 Fashion
Nyna’s Boutique C-124 Fashion
Yoshie Collection C-722 Fashion
Body Glove F-613 Fashion
Boujess Fashion F-110 Fashion
Celia Loe F-109 Fashion
Colours F-614 Fashion
Edmundser F-615 Fashion
Effu F-207 Fashion
Eve F-112 Fashion
F.O.S. (Factory Outlet Store) F-601 Fashion
JS Fashion F-312 Fashion
Luvlicious F-625a Fashion
Mestaju F-114 Fashion
Mira Boutique F-216 Fashion
Nichii F-102a Fashion
One Fashion F-268 Fashion
Peace Collection F-111 Fashion
Progie & Co F-271 Fashion
Ratna Riz F-623 Fashion
RJ Couture F-350 Fashion
Spade F-616 Fashion
Urban & Co F-612 Fashion
V2 Concepts F-613a Fashion
Voir Gallery F-619/620 Fashion
Yen Fashion F-116 Fashion
Aqizz Collection G-210 Fashion
Baleno G-347 Fashion
Brands Outlet G-100 Fashion
Cotton On G-613 Fashion
Distro Republic G-647 Fashion
Elle G-322 Fashion
Esprit G-320 Fashion
Extreme G-102 Fashion
FCUK (French Connection) G-642 Fashion
G2000 G-618 Fashion
Guess G-620 Fashion
Lacoste G-229 Fashion
Levi’s G-615 Fashion
M&N G-107 Fashion
MNG G-312 Fashion
MO Outlet G-332 Fashion
Nautica G-615 Fashion
Nine West G-611 Fashion
Noor Arfa G-640 Fashion
Padini G-104 Fashion
Poney G-113 Fashion
Salabianca G-641 Fashion
Soule G-126 Fashion
Travel for All G-111 Fashion
Universal Traveller G-112 Fashion
Arthul Style Studio S-120a Fashion
Butik Jelita S-127 Fashion
Curves S-200a Fashion
D&M S-118 Fashion
Fame S-206 Fashion
IS S-121 Fashion
Love & Peace S-200 Fashion
Miki S-201b Fashion
MK Collection S-636 Fashion
Outlet Store S-115/116 Fashion
Sameul & Kelvin S-311 Fashion
The Curve S-200a Fashion
White Sand S-204 Fashion
Catwalk S-616 Fashion
Elle Kids F-315 Fashion
Royal Sporting House G-211/212 Fashion
Kiehl’s (Blush) G-116 Fashion
Dress Seekers G-647a Fashion
Calvin Klein Jeans G-227 Fashion
Aidijuma G-354 Fashion
G Time C-709 Fashion
Ritz Gold Gallery C-225 Fashion
TH Time C-139 Fashion
Bausch K F-707 Fashion
City Chain G-318 Fashion
Cortina Watch G-231 Fashion
Diamante Jewellery G-702 Fashion
Habib G-303 Fashion
Jamilah Jewellery G-128 Fashion
Kedai Fong Sang Yick G-224 Fashion
Lazo Diamond Jewellery G-707 Fashion
Mont Blanc G-233 Fashion
Rolex G-230 Fashion
Royal Selangor G-305 Fashion
SK Jewellery G-304 Fashion
Tomei G-344 Fashion
1Sabah Craft C-729 Fashion
Busana G-646 Fashion
Hijab Chantique Collection S-202 Fashion
Bras & Things F-118 Fashion
Air Mata Kuching C-718 Food & Beverage
Apple CafŽ C-601 Food & Beverage
Ayam Penyet Ria C-227 Food & Beverage
Bee Chee Hiang C-226 Food & Beverage
Big Apple Donuts & Coffee C-223 Food & Beverage
Choice Restaurant C-128 Food & Beverage
City Food Centre C-125 Food & Beverage
Cool City C-120a Food & Beverage
D’Islamic Centre C-207 Food & Beverage
Daily Fresh C-700a Food & Beverage
Dott’s Egg Tarts C-707 Food & Beverage
Home CafŽ & Restaurant C-608 Food & Beverage
Hot & Roll C-700b Food & Beverage
Kenny Rogers Roasters C-315 Food & Beverage
KFC C-118 Food & Beverage
Kiew Brothers BBQ Meat C-232 Food & Beverage
Kimbar C-717 Food & Beverage
Legend Coffee & Tea C-214a Food & Beverage
Mario’s Pizza C-702 Food & Beverage
Marry Brown C-229 Food & Beverage
McDonald’s C-218 Food & Beverage
Multi Bake C-138 Food & Beverage
One Bite C-704 Food & Beverage
Pancake House C-710 Food & Beverage
Pizza Hut C-317 Food & Beverage
Qing Bu Liang C-606 Food & Beverage
Restaurant Persona Rasa C-109a Food & Beverage
Siaw Er Bak Kut Teh C-611 Food & Beverage
Sushi King C-311 Food & Beverage
Tea Box CafŽ C-701a Food & Beverage
The Chicken Rice Shop C-312 Food & Beverage
Tid-Bits Corner C-326a Food & Beverage
Vedablu C-703a Food & Beverage
Fruit Works F-217 Food & Beverage
Home Recipe F-825a Food & Beverage
Jaws Seafood Restaurant F-601 Food & Beverage
Sabah Korean Restaurant F-813 Food & Beverage
Simply Chocolate F-825 Food & Beverage
The Chocolate Shop F-707 Food & Beverage
Wawa CafŽ F-353 Food & Beverage
Wojamama Japanese Restaurant F-831a Food & Beverage
Bao Kang Restaurant G-909 Food & Beverage
Borneo Tidbit Shop G-822b Food & Beverage
Candy Cottage G-807 Food & Beverage
Cocos Delight Corner G-186 Food & Beverage
Come CafŽ G-703a Food & Beverage
D’Cube G-190 Food & Beverage
Famous Amos G-701a Food & Beverage
Firman Jaya CafŽ & Gathering G-238 Food & Beverage
Fish & Co G-817 Food & Beverage
Hong Kong Recipe G-823 Food & Beverage
Intan G-242a Food & Beverage
Karamell Almondo G-707b Food & Beverage
La Fuente G-816 Food & Beverage
Litre Alcohol G-242 Food & Beverage
Liya Restaurant G-918 Food & Beverage
Makan’s Corner G-181 Food & Beverage
Mini Donuts & Tidbits G-715a Food & Beverage
My Kitchen G-908 Food & Beverage
Nandoo’s G-826 Food & Beverage
Nelson’s G-707b Food & Beverage
O My Tea G-710 Food & Beverage
Old Town White Coffee G-825 Food & Beverage
Onn Recipe G-828 Food & Beverage
Sarawak Recipe G-920 Food & Beverage
Secret Recipe G-833 Food & Beverage
Southern Café G-601 Food & Beverage
Starbucks Coffee G-301 Food & Beverage
Sugar Sugar Candy Cottage G-348 Food & Beverage
Tutti Frutti G-644 Food & Beverage
Anna CafŽ S-607 Food & Beverage
Hong Hai S-622 Food & Beverage
Kafe Santai S-321 Food & Beverage
Mok’s Corner S-120 Food & Beverage
Nur Balqis Restaurant Food & Beverage
Aowa C-202 Health
Eu Yan Sang C-613 Health
Gintell C-612 Health
Goodrich Optical C-318 Health
Hai-O C-609 Health
Hairwell C-205 Health
Ogawa C-220 Health
OSIM C-615 Health
Anna Mela Beauty Connection F-328 Health
Inspiration Hair Saloon F-327 Health
Izabel Health & Beauty Care F-326 Health
Marie France Bodyline F-820 Health
Patrick Saloon F-617 Health
Vincent Pavilion Professional Saloon F-330 Health
Kettler Sport & Fitness G-605 Health
Love Saloon G-193 Health
Al Jabbar S-210 Health
Beauty Wonderland S-208 Health
Mont Spa S-308 Health
Trax Hair Club S-650 Health
1Fitness S-213 Health
GNC Live Well C-222 Health
Feel Good Reflexology Centre F-525 Massage
Frangipani Reflexology F-818 Massage
Crystal Reflexoloy & Nail Centre G-638 Massage
Thai Odyssey G-802 Massage
Medisinar Klinik & Surgeri G-910 Health
Permai Polyclinics G-809 Health
Best Look Eyewear C-119 Health
Focus Point C-219 Health
One Borneo Optics C-201c Health
Borneo Eye Care G-132 Health
Optical 88 G-315 Health
Guardian C-200 Health
Sunlight Pharmacy G-105 Health
Watsons G-333 Health
1 Homeware C-112 Home Deco
HKV C-605 Home Deco
Kaison C-120 Home Deco
Sen Q C-101 Home Deco
Aussino F-306 Home Deco
Home Essence F-303 Home Deco
Sanitech F-332 Home Deco
1Stop Furnishing Centre G-194 Home Deco
Nuri II G-649 Home Deco
Pacific Lamps G922 Home Deco
Courtyard Hotel Hotel
Grand Borneo Hotel Hotel
Novotel Hotel
Tune Hotel Hotel
Celcom Kiosk C-706a It
Digi Telecommunication C-228 It
Hotlink C-706 It
HTC C-712 It
Sabasona Handphone C-707a It
T-Tech C-706 It
Technocrats F-269 It
K2 Phoneshop G-191 It
ACI Technology S-610 It
Besta S-107 It
M Phone S-712 It
Mobile Accessories Specialist S-601b It
One IT Digital World S-600a It
Samsung S-113 It
Skytrek S-205 It
Speedline S-201a It
Stylish Mobile S-702p It
Jesselton Magazine Shop C-201a Leisure
Magic Club CA-05 Leisure
Pixel C-134 Leisure
Speedy Home Entertainment C-613 Leisure
Sys Handicraft C-703b Leisure
Tea Garden C-610 Leisure
Terra Cotta C-726 Leisure
Toys R Us C-100a Leisure
GF Kitchen House F-333 Leisure
GF Puppy House F-331 Leisure
Kim Sang Stationary F-852 Leisure
Sabah Good Day F-700 Leisure
Something D’fferent F-609 Leisure
Toy City F-341 Leisure
Bottles & Gifts G-236a Leisure
Emma Collection G-243 Leisure
Harris Bookstore G-607 Leisure
Intan & Halina G-242a Leisure
Lauhim & Fauziah G-242 Leisure
May Florist G-189 Leisure
Mega PC G-346 Leisure
Pearl Craft G-653 Leisure
Times Bookstore G-819 Leisure
Cubee S-314 Leisure
Game On S-207 Leisure
Jigsaw Puzzle World S-112 Leisure
Living Cabin S-316 Leisure
Living Culture S-106 Leisure
Tech City S-111 Leisure
B.S.W. Leisure
Mahsa College C-100a Speciality
Orange C-620 Speciality
Renobena Service Apartment F-653a Speciality
711 @ Tune Hotel G-803 Speciality
Ascot Academy G-912 Speciality
ATM Bank Islam G-P-3C Speciality
Bertam Mass (Money Changer) G-330 Speciality
CIMB Bank G-811 Speciality
Orange 24/7 G-810 Speciality
Peugeot G-901 Speciality
RHB Bank G-203 Speciality
Standard Chartered G-813 Speciality
Sundria G-340 Speciality
Volvo Car G-900 Speciality


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