Asia City Complex

Opposite Centre Point, Singgah Mata, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia


The Asia City Complex is a combination of shop lots, offices, a mall and yet another nearly-completed-shopping centre.

The mall part of the complex is not fully occupied and with the rate at which new malls are springing to life, it may never be. Of the shops that are occupied, few would catch the fancy of your average tourist as it doesn’t offer anything you won’t find a hundred times over in the rest of KK.

There are a few popular restaurants of which Fook Yuen is hands down the most popular during the day, and the ever expanding seafood restaurant facing the school on the other side, which eclipses everything else with a maddening crowd gulping down seafood in the evenings.

Korean, Japanese, Indian and other local eateries are tucked away in quiet corners in the rest of the development.

A selection of unbranded clothing and accessory shops, slimming and beauty salons, tuck shops, a hotel or two (plus the Cititel Express in a stand-alone building next door), lots of offices and a 3-story car park make up the rest of Asia City.

Of interest to tourists might be the permanent strip of a Borneo arts & crafts stalls that line the walkway between Asia City’s newer and older parts.

Asia City is across the road from Centre Point.


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This listing was last updated on 27 August 2020