Centre Point Sabah

Jln Dua Puluh, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Opening Hours:
10:00 – 22:00 daily

Information Counter:
Ph: +60 88 246 900



Centre Point Sabah might not be Kota Kinabalu’s newest or most beautiful shopping centre, but it’s undoubtedly the busiest and most convenient in town.

Literally KK’s centre point, Centre Point Sabah is 4 floors of shopping convenience. Entertainment galore is spread across the 5th and 8th floors with a games arcade, cinema, pool hall and bowling alley.

If you’re looking for anything in Kota Kinabalu, Centre Point Sabah is a good starting point.

Being in the centre of the city it’s easily accessible, it has a good amount of parking and enough escalators and lifts to make getting around easy.

In Kota Kinabalu’s Centre Point you can find all sorts of clothing, shoes and other apparel, beauty products and perfume, massages, beauty and slimming salons, book shops, stationary shops, hair dressers, several different types of restaurants to cater to any taste, tailors and fabric shops, computer shops, a supermarket and list goes on.

Centre Point Sabah enjoys one of the highest occupancy rates of any mall in Kota Kinabalu and is a decent shopping destination.

The mall proper is open from 10:00 till 21:00, whilst some of the shops on the 4th floor (Palm Square) stay open till 22:00. The cinema ticket-booth is open until the start of the last movie screening, sometimes at midnight, and the pool hall and bowling alley stays open until the small hours of the morning.

Here’s a list of Centre Point Shopping Centre’s Tenants

Click on a column heading to sort the shops accordingly.

Info obtained from their website in December 2014.

Store Name Floor-Lot Description
Adie Perfume G-GF2 Beauty
Beauty Wonderland 3D24 Beauty
Bella Nails Boutique 4-P30A Beauty
Cut and Colour’s Unisex Saloon and Beauty Centre 2-B58 Beauty
Cuts Gallery Hair Academy 5-W7 Beauty
Cuts Gallery Hair Saloon 5-W8 Beauty
Daily Care 3-D47 Beauty
De Nail Place 4-P30 Beauty
e-Noveal Beauty & Bridal World G-G28 Beauty
Elianto 1-1FC Beauty
Enoveal Beauty Showroom & Studio 5-W11 Beauty
Faces Beauty Therapy Centre 3-D17 Beauty
Frangrance Factor G-G7 Beauty
G Young Saloon 2-B15 Beauty
Hair Zone Saloon & Beauty Centre 2-B13 Beauty
Hairmix Unisex Saloon 2-B47 Beauty
Helen Beauty 2-B18 Beauty
Herbaline 5-1-5-W5 Beauty
Ideal World Beauty and Hair Design 3-D13 Beauty
J Hair Factory 2-B60 Beauty
J Saloon 3-D11 Beauty
Jean Beauty Centre 2-B19 Beauty
Jecline Beauty Centre 2-B12 Beauty
Kecantikan Aroma Therapy Centre 1-A37 Beauty
Lady Beauty Secret G-G30 Beauty
Make Up Studio Academy 5-W6 Beauty
Marie France Bodyline 5-W5 Beauty
Menard/Eporeal Beauty Centre 3-D26 Beauty
Messycurls Unisex Saloon 3-D19 Beauty
Miss Beauty and Hair Design 3-D9 Beauty
Nick Saloon 2-B59 Beauty
Non-Stop Hair Saloon 3-D6 Beauty
Nuvis Sabah 3-D10 Beauty
Patrick Lee Hair and Beauty Saloon 3-D29 Beauty
Perfect ten Nail Spa 4-P24 Beauty
Pure Voltage Beauty Saloon 2-B68 Beauty
Puri Ratu Beauty & Wellness Centre 5-W10 Beauty
Red City 2-B71 Beauty
Ruby Hair Beauty Centre 3-D15 Beauty
Scissor Strix Hair Beauty Centre 2-B32 Beauty
Sofennie Cosmetic and Jewellery Sdn Bhd 2-B61 Beauty
Styling Edge Hair Design 3-D1 Beauty
Syal’s Beauty Boutique 2-B16 Beauty
The Body Shop I G-G51 Beauty
The Body Shop II 4-P18 Beauty
Vincent Pavilion Unisex Saloon 1-A15 Beauty
Vivienne Skin & Body Rejuvenate Centre 5-W9 Beauty
Wendy’s Beauty Centre 3-D32 Beauty
Ngui Kee G-G75A Department Store
Sunsea Development 5-E2 Developer
Almacrest International College 8-E2 Education
A-K Audio G-G25 Entertainment
Best Buy 3 Enterprise G-G30 Entertainment
Best Buy I Enterprise B-S34 Entertainment
BSW Sales & Services G-G23 Entertainment
CPS Bowl Tenpin Bowling 8-N6 Entertainment
Fun Square 5-E16B Entertainment
Fun Square K Box KTV 5-E15 Entertainment
Game Shark I 1-A15 Entertainment
Game Shark II B-L1 Entertainment
Games World 3-D1A Entertainment
Growball Cinemax 8-N1 Entertainment
Kiddy’s Games and Fun 3-D28 Entertainment
LB Music G-G43B Entertainment
MAXIN I G-G47 Entertainment
Mercury IT Station/MARS (Games 2 Toys Station) 1-A87 Entertainment
Movie Station B-S26 Entertainment
New Asia Enterprise B-L2 Entertainment
Rekod Jaya I G-G49 Entertainment
Rekod Jaya II 1-A29 Entertainment
Speedy Video Entertainment 4-P1A Entertainment
2 Shine 1-A52 Fashion
11.90 Store (Time Fashion) 1-A38 Fashion
2 Ladies G-G12 Fashion
Amos B-S19 Fashion
Amour In City Bridal Gallery 5-W8 Fashion
Annabelle 1-A68 Fashion
Apple Green G-G11B Fashion
April G-GF1 Fashion
April House G-GF3 Fashion
Bag Shop B-S35 Fashion
Baiduri Collection G-G70 Fashion
Bata I 1-A85 Fashion
Bata II 4-P8 Fashion
Batu Design Korea G-G72 Fashion
Beauty Station 3-D6 Fashion
Beauty Wonderland Bridal Studio & Wedding Supplies 3-D18 Fashion
Berseri Boutique Collection B-S19 Fashion
Big Bag G-G29 Fashion
Bilqis 1-A89 Fashion
Black Queen 4-P9A Fashion
Bling-Bling Girls 2-B86 Fashion
Bliss 1-A77 Fashion
Bombastic 1-A19 Fashion
BUM/DIESEL Concept Store 4-P34A Fashion
Busana Chinta 2-B86 Fashion
Busana Chinta Razlynn 3-D51 Fashion
C&L Trading 2-B85 Fashion
Calander 2-B37 Fashion
Charming Optical House G-G55 Fashion
Cheetah 4-P16 Fashion
Cherry House 1-1FE Fashion
Chess 1-A59 Fashion
Chiang Leong & Fung Optometrists G-G69 Fashion
City Watch Dealer G-G18 Fashion
Clarks 4-P28 Fashion
Cubee One 1-1FH Fashion
Cute Corner 2-B50 Fashion
D&M 2-B51 Fashion
Dating Mate 4-PF1B Fashion
De Frans Collection G-GF4 Fashion
Deco Station B-S35 Fashion
Deon Leather House 1-A63 Fashion
DIY 3-3FE Fashion
Doss 1-A1 Fashion
Doss 2-B6 Fashion
Dream House 3-D31 Fashion
Dyna Jaya Sdn Bhd 1-A23 Fashion
DÕ Zurah 1-A90 Fashion
e-Fashion 2-B86 Fashion
E-Tech Telecommunication Enterprise 2-B86 Fashion
EFFU 1-A30 Fashion
Ella Boutique 1-A10 Fashion
Emmer Zecna 4-P20 Fashion
EV-78 1-A78 Fashion
F.O.S 3-C8 Fashion
Fong Sang Yick Sdn Bhd G-G50 Fashion
Forever Love 3-D31 Fashion
G Times 2-2FC Fashion
Giordano I G-G71 Fashion
Giordano II 4-P21 Fashion
Give Me Five 2-B48 Fashion
Glamz 1-A12 Fashion
Going Places 4-P2 Fashion
Happy Zone 1-1FF Fashion
House of Leather 4-P35A Fashion
House Of Sally 1-A21 Fashion
Hush Puppies 4-P19 Fashion
I’ Honey 2-B86 Fashion
In Collection 1-1FG Fashion
In Fashion 2-B49 Fashion
IQ Toys 2-2FH Fashion
J&B 3-D59 Fashion
Juminaga Collection 3-D41 Fashion
Karyamie 2-B70 Fashion
Kiddi House 4-P13A Fashion
Koleksi Faraheen 2-B86 Fashion
Ladies Market 1-A9 Fashion
Laven Boutique 1-A58 Fashion
Legend 3-D61 Fashion
Levi’s Store 4-P10 Fashion
LIC Cottage 3-3FF Fashion
Life Bridal KK 4-P14 Fashion
Little Kids 2-2FG Fashion
Liz Cat 1-A22 Fashion
Lucky Shoes 1-A48A Fashion
Lulu Belle 2-2FE Fashion
M2 Fashion 2-B22 Fashion
Madison G-G31 Fashion
Matahari 2-B86 Fashion
Maylana 1-A79 Fashion
Mei Lee Fashion G-G13 Fashion
Metal Holic 2-B86 Fashion
Michelle Shoes G-G5 Fashion
Milk 1-A40 Fashion
Minoshe 1-A88 Fashion
Misa Enterprise Co. G-G37 Fashion
MIXY 3-D43 Fashion
Mor Girl 2-2FF Fashion
Next Level Boutique 1-A75 Fashion
Nicole Collection I 4-P1B Fashion
Nicole Collection II 4-P33A Fashion
Nicole Exclusive 4-P18 Fashion
Nucci G-G15 Fashion
Only You Bridal House 6-W1 Fashion
Oxford 1-A53 Fashion
P. O. Box 1-A11A Fashion
Page One 2-B27 Fashion
Pinko-Pinky 2-B77 Fashion
Polo Haus 1&4-A90A Fashion
Pose 4-P24 Fashion
Premium Outlet Store 1-P7 Fashion
Pretty Mami 3-D42 Fashion
Red Modani 4-P33B Fashion
RNB Collections G-G67 Fashion
Rock Master 1-A67 Fashion
Roger Yong 2-B86 Fashion
Romance Boutique 1-A41 Fashion
Rumah Kaca Mata Kim Chu Company G-G45 Fashion
S & M Jewellery B-L9 Fashion
Sam Fu Boutique 2-B86 Fashion
Scholl / New Balance 4-P33A Fashion
Seven 1-A70 Fashion
Shopholic 1-A69 Fashion
Skiva 4-P15 Fashion
Sox World 1-A46 Fashion
Super Barbie Lens 2-2FD Fashion
Suriram 2-B83 Fashion
Svez Sqi I G-G60 Fashion
Svez Sqi II G-G76 Fashion
Sweet Love 4-PF1A Fashion
The Herbs & Beauty Boutique 1-A76 Fashion
The Mod House 4-P17 Fashion
Timberland/Premium Outlet Store 4-P17 Fashion
Toko Kaca Mata Crystal Sdn Bhd G-G74 Fashion
Top Corner Shoes Shop 1-A52 Fashion
Trendy Baby House 3-D44 Fashion
Trendy Mood 3-3FH Fashion
TUCZ Inspire Plus Size 4-P9 Fashion
U Say 4-P20A Fashion
Underline 1-A17 Fashion
Unique Fashion 1-A11B Fashion
Veronica Boutique 1-A14 Fashion
Villano Shop 1-A81 Fashion
Vincci 4-P29 Fashion
VIP Shoes Centre 1-A54 Fashion
Vunfa Fashion 1-A26 Fashion
Vunfa Fashion 1-A4 Fashion
Yatiez’s Collection G-G32 Fashion
Yong Seng Watch 1-A17 Fashion
Yoyoki Fashion 2-B65 Fashion
Zess Collection 1-A74 Fashion
5 Star Hainanese Chicken Rice & BBQ Pork 4-P35B Food & Beverage
Big Old Brother fast Food B-S20 Food & Beverage
BlackBall 4-P9 Food & Beverage
Cool City P-P44 Food & Beverage
Crepe Express B-BF4A Food & Beverage
Crunchy Popiah & Tuah Baker Kiosk 4-PF5 Food & Beverage
Daily Fresh B-BF1A Food & Beverage
Daun Pisang CafŽ G-G32 Food & Beverage
Don Don B-S15 Food & Beverage
Dott’s Egg Tarts Kiosk 4-P43 Food & Beverage
Eati Bitti B-P1 Food & Beverage
Efira CafŽ and Catering B-S39 Food & Beverage
Glow & Glow B-S16 Food & Beverage
Hawaii CafŽ 1-A39B Food & Beverage
Hot & Roll 4-PF6A Food & Beverage
Japanese Dream Food Restaurant 4-P36 Food & Beverage
Jom Makan G-G32 Food & Beverage
Kahiong Wei B-S25 Food & Beverage
Karamell Almondo Kiosk 4-P39 Food & Beverage
Kedai Makan Islamic Restoran B-S40 Food & Beverage
Kenny Rogers Roasters B-L9 Food & Beverage
KFC B-S17 Food & Beverage
KL Rojak 4-PF5B Food & Beverage
Kota Kinabalu City Cafe B-S08 Food & Beverage
Manisan CafŽ B-S37 Food & Beverage
McDonald’s B-L5 Food & Beverage
McDonald’s Kiosk 4-P38 Food & Beverage
MMC B-BF3A Food & Beverage
Multi-Bake B-P2 Food & Beverage
My Lunch Box G-G70 Food & Beverage
Nasi Ayam CP B-S22 Food & Beverage
Nelta Cafe & Catering B-S09 Food & Beverage
Palm CafŽ 4-P32A Food & Beverage
Pizza Hut B-S01 Food & Beverage
Plus One B-S21 Food & Beverage
Restoran Sri Malawali B-S10 Food & Beverage
Secret Recipe 4-P22 Food & Beverage
Sempelang Corner B-S16 Food & Beverage
SQ Delight 3-D58 Food & Beverage
Sri Petagas II 3-D14 Food & Beverage
Starbucks Coffee 4-P37 Food & Beverage
Super Faezah Cafeteria B-S06 Food & Beverage
Sushi King 4-P32B Food & Beverage
Sweet Candy B-S27 Food & Beverage
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 4-PF5A Food & Beverage
TM CafŽ B-S15 Food & Beverage
Uncle Bob B-S34 Food & Beverage
Wan Chai Food Corner B-S24 Food & Beverage
YoYo CafŽ 2-B53 Food & Beverage
Cystral Palace 4-P3 Jewelery
Kedai Emas Jelita G-G46A Jewelery
Lazo Diamond GF-P2 Jewelery
Lecin Goldsmith and Jewellery Sdn Bhd G-G61 Jewelery
Natural Crystal Shop I G-G16 Jewelery
Natural Crystal Shop II 1-A66 Jewelery
Pavilion Goldsmith B-S30 Jewelery
Sense 2-B46 Jewelery
Silver 925 3-3FA Jewelery
Ten Yik Goldsmith G-G46B Jewelery
Annie Beauty Reflexolgy 2-B69 Health
Borneo Reflexology 2-B34 Health
Chris Reflexology and Beauty Centre 2-B33 Health
Dr. Alex Lo 5-E3 Health
GNC 1-1FB Health
Helen Beauty Reflex G-G40 Health
HP Health Pharmacy B-S29 Health
Ina Beauty & Reflexology 3-D46 Health
Klinik Dr. Jaina & Surgery 2-B35 Health
Klinik Malaysia 3-C20 Health
Lean Reflexology & Beauty Centre G-G8 Health
Optimax Eye Specialist Centre 9-E2 Health
Princess Beauty & Reflex 1-A8 Health
Relax Corner 1-A36 Health
Rose Beauty Reflexology 2-B36 Health
Santai Beauty and Health Centre 1-A42 Health
Sophie’s Beauty Reflexology 2-B13 Health
Sunlight Pharmacy G-G41 Health
3G Solution G-G76 Computers
99 Mobile Trading 3-D55 Computers
Aerogate System Sdn Bhd 3-D37 Computers
Asus Kedai Komputer Computers
Blackberry/HTC (Handphone) G-G40 Computers
Celcom 2-FA Computers
Chean & Yong Sdn. Bhd. (Blackberry) G-G10 Computers
Click 2 go Internet Station 2-B55 Computers
Dex Mobile Accessories Sdn Bhd B-BF1B Computers
Digi 2-2FB Computers
Digital Wise Sdn Bhd 1-A33 Computers
Direct New Computer 2-B11 Computers
Dream Play 2-B86 Computers
e-Fashion 2-B86 Computers
E-Sky G-G76 Computers
Era Etika G-G14 Computers
Galaxy Computer System 3-D36 Computers
Instant-Dict B-S19 Computers
IT Point 2 2-B14 Computers
J’ Apps Store G-G9 Computers
J.COM. Enterprise G-G11A Computers
Lotus Speed Sdn Bhd 3-D8 Computers
M-Tech Service Station G-G17 Computers
Master Phone Shop G-G63 Computers
Maxis 1-1FA Computers
Mercury IT Station B-L3 Computers
Nokia Metro Mobile G-G68 Computers
PC City Sdn Bhd 2-B84 Computers
PCM Photo Shop G-G76 Computers
SAMSUNG G-G65 Computers
Sky Line B-S30 Computers
Skytech Multimedia Computer 2-B20 Computers
Soft Computer 3-D57 Computers
Sony Ericsson 3-3FC Computers
Switch G-G75A-B Computers
Syam City G-G32 Computers
Yong’s Color Processing Lab 1-A20 Lifestyle
Aussino 4-P1C Lifestyle
Barang-Barang from Sabah 1-A45 Lifestyle
Bio-Animal 4-PF6 Lifestyle
Borneo Art 1-A43 Lifestyle
Classic Batik and Craft G-G35 Lifestyle
CPS Local Product Centre G-G44 Lifestyle
De’s Frans Collection G-G24 Lifestyle
Eaton’s Books and Toys 3-C1 Lifestyle
Fingerprint Collection 3-D40 Lifestyle
Footprint Coracle Bookstore Sdn Bhd 3-D35 Lifestyle
Foto Saga Colour Lab G-G42 Lifestyle
Fotomart Digital G-G26 Lifestyle
Fotomart Services System Sdn Bhd G-47A Lifestyle
Happy Family – Heli Centre 2-B86 Lifestyle
House of Gifts B-L4 Lifestyle
Ing Fatt Electronics Sdn Bhd (Len Yiek Trading SB) 1-A46B Lifestyle
Just For You 2-B23 Lifestyle
K-Lux 3-D52 Lifestyle
Kaison 3-C15 Lifestyle
Kiddo Sticker Gallery 3-3FG Lifestyle
Kim Floral Centre G-G33 Lifestyle
KK Religious Centre 2-B46A Lifestyle
La La Handy Craft G-G32 Lifestyle
Magic Club 4-P41 Lifestyle
New Golden City Colour Sdn Bhd G-G22 Lifestyle
Nokata (M) Sdn Bhd 1-A38 Lifestyle
Perfect Moment 2-B38 Lifestyle
Popular Book Store 5-E1 Lifestyle
Sana Kraft G-G34 Lifestyle
Securi-Locks Sdn Bhd 2-B57 Lifestyle
SN Collection 2-B86 Lifestyle
Something Different 3-D44 Lifestyle
Sony Centre G-G19 Lifestyle
SQ Paradise 3-D53 Lifestyle
Sunshine 2-B86 Lifestyle
The House of Collection 3-D39 Lifestyle
The IT Shop/Mega Toys 3-D54 Lifestyle
United Cigar G-G31 Lifestyle
Young & Playful 2-B51 Lifestyle
Zig-Zag G-G58 Lifestyle
AM Bank ATM G Lift Bank D Services
Borneo Tropical Holidays Sdn Bhd G-G76 Services
Celcom XPAX Vending Machine I B-BF2B1 Services
CIMB ATM G Lift Bank A Services
Information Counter G-P2 Services
Lee Kui Kiaw Money Changer G-G48B Services
Maybank Kawanku B-L10 Currency Exchange
Mira Corner G-G39 Services
RHB ATM I G Lift Bank D Services
Saham Sabah Berhad 9-W2 Services
TP Photocopy Centre G-G39 Services
Utilot SB G-G28 Services
Grace One G-G75A Sport & Outdoor
Li Ning 3-D27 Sport & Outdoor
Mount Kinabalu Gear 1-A32 Sport & Outdoor
Nike I G-G4 Sport & Outdoor
Nike Concept 4-P27 Sport & Outdoor
Outdoor Gear 3-D48 Sport & Outdoor
Planet Football G-G54 Sport & Outdoor
Power Up Your Game 2-B22 Sport & Outdoor
Puma 4-P25 Sport & Outdoor
Royal Sporting House 4-P12 Sport & Outdoor
Sala 5 2-B22 Sport & Outdoor
United Sports Enterprise G-G6 Sport & Outdoor
Guardian 2-B29 Health
Orange 24 Hour Convenient Store G-G75A Services
Watson’s Personal Care Stores G-G75A Health
Fashion Armani Sdn Bhd 1-A16 Fashion
Love Tailor Collection 2-B77A Fashion
Meelo 1-A47 Fashion
Miki Embroidery Centre 1-A34 Fashion
My Tailor 2-B62 Fashion
New Pyramid Fashion 1-A18 Fashion
Semi Fashion Tailor 3-D49 Fashion
Stone Island 1-A73 Fashion


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