City Mall Kota Kinabalu

Asian Highway, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

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Opening Hours:
10:00 – 22:00 daily

Information Counter:
Ph: +60 88 484 408



City Mall Kota Kinabalu is located on Jalan Kolombong, about a 15 minute taxi ride from the centre of town.

As a suburban shopping centre it services the sizable communities closest to it and manages to offer a nice variety of shops, although not so many of which are of famous brands.

Giant Supermarket is one of the anchor tenants, with a department store being the other.

The rest of the shops comprise restaurants, clothing stores, accessory shops, optometrists, a food court, a bookstore, some electronic and computer shops and the mandatory collection of fast food joints, which you can offset with the fitness centre.

City Mall’s only downside is that over weekends and public holidays it turns into a traffic nightmare, with lots of double parking and limited spaces around the building where the road was too narrow to start with.

A Starbucks Coffee facing the main road is a good place to hide out until traffic clears enough to make a clean getaway.

Here’s a list of City Mall’s Tenants


Click on a column to sort the shops accordingly.

The list is according a hidden parts of their website, which is already a wee bit outdated in December 2014.

Store Name Floor-Lot Tag1 Tag2 Tag3
City Cineplex M-2 Movie Cinema Entertainment
Popular Bookstore M-2-16 Bookstore Stationary
CT Department Store M-1-25 Department Store
Institute Prima Bestari of Pine Academy S-2-1 Education
3G Computer M-1-7 Electronics Computers
Aowa M-0-6 Electronics Computers
Destiny Computer M-0-56 Electronics Computers
Fricotech M-0-58 Electronics Computers
Gintell M-0-34 Electronics Computers
Home E-Tech Electronics M-0-52 Electronics Computers
Mercury IT Station M-0-14 Electronics Computers
Ming Hin Electrical M-0-24 Electronics Computers
Ogawa M-0-4 Electronics Computers
Osim M-0-38 Electronics Computers
Arena Internet S-1-10 Entertainment
Carcasean CafŽ S-0-28 Entertainment
Game Star II M-0-69 Entertainment
Happy K M-2-12 Entertainment
One Two Cyber S-1-12 Entertainment
Polysound Music M-0-62 Entertainment
Amos M-2-18 Fashion Accessories
BC Studio M-1-29 Fashion Accessories
Bingo M-1-28 Fashion Accessories
Bingo Man M-1-112 Fashion Accessories
Boutique O’1985 M-1-47 Fashion Accessories
Bra City M-1-46 Fashion Accessories
Cherry Pop M-1-49 Fashion Accessories
City Girl M-1-42 Fashion Accessories
Closette M-1-43 Fashion Accessories
Columbia M-1-32 Fashion Accessories
Mizuno M-1-32 Fashion Accessories
Columbia Sportswear M-1-51 Fashion Accessories
De’Clothe Too M-1-15 Fashion Accessories
Desire M-1-121 Fashion Accessories
Emmer Zecna M-1-125 Fashion Accessories
Geo & Jo Kid M-0-64 Fashion Accessories
Hane’s Patio M-1-50 Fashion Accessories
Ice M-1-86 Fashion Accessories
JO:Vis M-1-21 Fashion Accessories
Jolie M-1-80 Fashion Accessories
Ju’s Boutique M-0-50 Fashion Accessories
Kawae Boutique M-1-27 Fashion Accessories
Lea Sports Center M-1-69 Fashion Accessories
Le Femme M-0-71 Fashion Accessories
Livian & Lisa M-1-83 Fashion Accessories
Looi Fashion M-1-12 Fashion Accessories
M&E Boutqiue M-1-38 Fashion Accessories
Party Girls M-1-76 Fashion Accessories
Samuel & Kevin M-1-82 Fashion Accessories
SKY M-1-119 Fashion Accessories
Tarra M-1-74 Fashion Accessories
Tribanor M-1-40 Fashion Accessories
Versino M-1-87 Fashion Accessories
VV Collection Shop M-2-20 Fashion Accessories
Win Boutique M-1-75 Fashion Accessories
XKO M-1-87 Fashion Accessories
Zheng Fashion M-1-117 Fashion Accessories
Ananas Juice Bar M-1-8 Food & Beverage
Borneo Bakery M-0-61 Food & Beverage
CafŽ DRI M-0-51 Food & Beverage
Fresh CafŽ S-0-12 Food & Beverage
Food Paradise M-2-17 Food & Beverage Food Court
Green Passion Vege CafŽ S-0-13 Food & Beverage
Halo CafŽ S-1-4 Food & Beverage
Hana Japanese S-0-21 Food & Beverage
KFC M-0-1 Food & Beverage
Mei Xin S-0-27 Food & Beverage
Natural Green House S-0-10 Food & Beverage
New Little Taiwan CafŽ S-0-29 Food & Beverage
Olde Station Kopitiam S-0-6 Food & Beverage
Old Jesselton Chicken Rice S-0-3 Food & Beverage
OTK Eatery S-0-1 Food & Beverage
Pizza Hut S-0-5 Food & Beverage
Poppea Garden CafŽ S-0-26 Food & Beverage
Starbucks Coffee S-0-4 Food & Beverage
Siok Bah M-0-12 Food & Beverage
Sushi King S-1-1 Food & Beverage
Tenom Station S-1-9 Food & Beverage
The Hut Fusion Restaurant S-0-11 Food & Beverage
The Moon Tea House M-1-120 Food & Beverage
Vedablu S-0-7 Food & Beverage
Yogur Berry M-1-126 Food & Beverage
Crescendo Collection M-2-41 Gifts Souvenirs
One to One M-2-21 Gifts Souvenirs
Present 2 You M-2-31 Gifts Souvenirs
Rosa Florist M-0-53 Florist Gifts Souvenirs
1930 Professional M-1-14 Health & Beauty
Au Yong Trading Co. M-0-16 Health & Beauty
Body Sense S-1-13 Health & Beauty
Core Fitness S-1-5 Health & Beauty
Dermartics Skin Centre S-1-11 Health & Beauty
E Noveal M-0-32 Health & Beauty
Elianto M-0-47 Health & Beauty
E Saloon M-1-16 Health & Beauty
Frangipani M-0-11 Health & Beauty
GNC M-0-33 Health & Beauty
Victoria House S-1-21 Health & Beauty
GZ Saloon S-1-21 Health & Beauty
Hair Shampoo Saloon S-0-24 Health & Beauty
House of Angel & Lily Saloon S-1-22 Health & Beauty
Inspiration Hand S-1-23 Health & Beauty
Iro-Iro Cosmetic Gallery M-1-123 Health & Beauty
Lon Hong Ka M-0-46 Health & Beauty
Monica Beauty Center M-1-4 Health & Beauty
My Beauty Centre S-1-28 Health & Beauty
Pusat Rawatan Cinta M-1-84 Health & Beauty
Rebecca Saloon S-1-27 Health & Beauty
Reflexology Centre S-1-33 Health & Beauty Massage Reflexology
Reframe S-1-34 Health & Beauty
Simply Relax S-3-13 Health & Beauty Massage Reflexology
The Body Shop M-0-41 Health & Beauty
Zazen Health Solutions S-1-29 Health & Beauty
Aqua Pure Tech S-0-23 Home & Furnishing
D Surfaces S-0-19 Home & Furnishing
ETDZ Enterprise S-2-12 Home & Furnishing
Galeri Taman M-1-41 Home & Furnishing
Goodrich Global S-0-9 Home & Furnishing
Homemax Design S-0-15 Home & Furnishing
Jaya Design S-0-25 Home & Furnishing
Laces M-2-2 Home & Furnishing
Tujuh Maju Office System S-0-34 Home & Furnishing
Yiu Yee Furniture S-0-9 Home & Furnishing
Celyn Hotel S-0-30 Hotel
Giant Supermarket M-0-77 Supermarket
Guardian M-0-77 Jewellery & Watches Pharmacy
Diamante Jewellery M-2-29 Jewellery & Watches
I.Diamond M-0-76 Jewellery & Watches
Jade Diamond Gallery M-0-29 Jewellery & Watches
Lazo Diamond M-0-29 Jewellery & Watches
The Time Shop M-0-40 Jewellery & Watches
Tomei M-0-48 Jewellery & Watches
Bata M-0-73 Leahter Shoes
I Walk M-1-54 Leahter Shoes
Lea Centre M-1-71 Leahter Shoes
Orson Collection M-0-57 Leahter Shoes
Primavera M-0-30 Leahter Shoes
Wah Lee Hong Music (Yamaha) S-1-17 Music
Ascotville Holdings S-3-4 Offices
Fieldskills Adventures S-2-11 Offices
Pan Far Eastern S-2-16 Offices
Prime Solution M-2-36 Offices
Vast Meridian S-2-26 Offices
City Optics M-0-27 Optometrist Optical
Comfort Vision M-0-14 Optometrist Optical
England Optical Group M-0-39 Optometrist Optical
Good Rich Optical M-0-36 Optometrist Optical
Life Pharmacy M-0-68 Pharmacy
Biznet S-2-9 Services
BTT Travel Services M-0-19 Services Travel Agency
Cosway M-0-66 Services
Eternity Bridal House S-1-15 Services Weddings
Floral Scent M-2-23 Services
Foto Best Digital M-0-70 Services Photo
Hi Ha Holidays Travel S-1-24 Services Travel Agency
LG Sales & Service Centre S-0-17 Services
Loving U M-1-45 Services
Links Consultancy S-2-24 Services
Reliance Shipping & Travel M-2-14 Services Travel Agency
Ting Anuar & Co S-2-10 Services
Lea Sport Centre M-1-69 Sports
World of Sports M-1-16 Sports
Action Teleshop M-0-42 Telecommunications Phones
City Toys M-2-30 Toys Kids Maternity
Geo & Jo Kid M-0-64 Toys Kids Maternity
Hikosen Cara M-2-28 Toys Kids Maternity
Kiara Kristal Toys M-0-13 Toys Kids Maternity
Little Me M-0-54 Toys Kids Maternity
Little Wardrobe M-1-48 Toys Kids Maternity
Mars Games & Toys Station M-0-55 Toys Kids Maternity
Peekaboo M-1-44 Toys Kids Maternity
Power Game M-0-63 Toys Kids Maternity
Smart Toys M-2-22 Toys Kids Maternity

1 review for City Mall Kota Kinabalu

  1. Jake

    I use to patron the kbox at city mall but the current lady at that counter customer service is horrible compared to the previous girl. Ask her how much per hour, she could’nt even tell me and point at the price sign at just said “look there”. Previous lady was courteous enough just yo tell me. I bet if the price was only in the facebook she would have tell me (not even ask) to check in the Facebook instead of telling me. Its not even the fasting month. Berat kah itu mulut.

    Rest of the shops I have no problem. I am a loyal patron of basic cut even when they were previously at karamusing. Bing, is a good hairstylist and im particular coz a fade cut cannot be easy adjusted. So basic cut is top notch.

    So my two star is for k-box. It would be one if i have not patron there before.

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