KK Times Square (Phase I)

Off Jalan Coastal, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

KK Times Square (Phase I), lies wedged between Gleneagles Hospital on the one side, and Imago The Mall on the other.


KK Times Square is a mostly-offices development located next to Imago The Mall, on the edge of Kota Kinabalu’s central business district, a brisk 10-minute walk form Centre Point Shopping Centre.

Office complex by day, with eateries dotted around the ground floor, it used to have a thriving clubbing scene, but with the closure of many of the thumping outlets, only the more sedate, laidback waterholes remain.

KK Times Square is mostly occupied by businesses as diverse as hotels, travel agents, financial institutions, lawyers, government bodies, oil palm and property developers.

Parking is standard for KK, ie. insufficient, and that’s only considering the tenants. Customers have to pick and choose from the few slots that are available or, also standard for KK, just double park where ever.

The 1 exit, with only 2 manned ticket booths and surely some of KK’s slowest booth attendants, creates a struggle with backed-up traffic that can be very frustrating when trying to exit during lunch hours and at the end of the day.

KK Times Square Phase II, where Imago is, is now pretty much complete and with it came the opening of a bridge that connects the entire KK Times Square development with the city, making for a much shorter walk if not a slightly shorter drive.

Tenants / Shops at KK Times Square Phase I

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Stars Archery

Store Name Floor-Lot Tag1
Sutera Sanctuary Lodges Travel / Lodging
Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Travel / Lodging
Pniel Delicacy Restaurant
Sully’s Bar Nightlife
Vino Vino Restaurant, Nightlife
Astro Office
Sabah Parks Travel / Lodging
New Straits Times Office
Orange Stationary / Printing
Kingston Hotel Travel / Lodging
7-11 Convenience Store


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This listing was last updated on 29 March 2020