Megalong Mall Penampang

Donggongon, Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia

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Megalong Mall Penampang is located in Donggongon, which is one of Kota Kinabalu’s suburbs, around 20 off-peak minutes drive away from Kota Kinabalu.

It claims the rather naff distinction of being Sabah’s longest mall at roughly 380m long.

Megalong Mall Penampang’s notable anchor tenant is Giant Supermarket, supported by the likes of Pizza Hut, Mary Brown a slew of lesser-known, smaller tenants.

The biggest drawcard at Megalong Mall Penampang is Kota Kinabalu’s 4th remaining cinema, Megalong Cineplex, which draws a regular stream of movie goers with 4 screens capable of seating 511 people.

Traffic around the longest mall in Kota Kinabalu is usually crawling and the parking situation at Megalong Mall Penampang is, on busy days, less than favourable.

2 reviews for Megalong Mall Penampang

  1. Argus Totu

    I would agree with Asok as his points aren’t far off. Management wise, it is almost non-existent and the security aspect of the mall is abysmal to say the least.
    Ground floor parking is RM1 per entry, convenient for those visiting giant. For long hours parking, you can opt for the upstairs carpark since its free. But likewise, if you’re concern about security then its best to park you car outside infront of the shoplots instead; since the management aren’t that proactive in security preventive measures.

    Shoplots inside are decent, its what you would expect from a low-medium end mall. Although, the management could have done better by just maintaining the tidiness and cleanliness of the mall.

    Megalong has a cineplex on the 5th floor, and a KBox on the 4th. As I mention earlier, its a low-medium end mall so don’t get your hopes up by expecting to be on par with MBO or GSC.

    All in all, as a local residing around the area, its a convenient place to shop and hang around. But if you’re from out of town and visiting Donggongon, you should just check out the Tamu outside of Megalong instead.

  2. Asok

    Low quality shops, absent management judging by the untidy shops stalls everywhere, parking chaos and then to top it all, the mall isn’t even all that long. The only thing mega about it is the disappointment after visiting. The tamu outside, across the road is much more vibrant and exciting to visit.

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This listing was last updated on 5 December 2020