Oceanus Waterfront Mall

Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Opening Hours:
10:00 – 22:00 daily

Information Counter:
Ph: +60 88 274333



Oceanus Waterfront Mall is perches on a strip of recently-reclaimed land next to the existing Waterfront Kota Kinabalu, opposite Marina Court Apartments.

If Oceanus Waterfront Mall lives up to the press releases, which encapsulates the best-case scenario of the developer and people behind the mall, it certainly will contribute positively to the landscape of Kota Kinabalu.

Otherwise it will simply join the ranks of Warisan Square, The KK Waterfront, Anjung Senja and Suria Sabah, which were all lauded as groundbreaking waterfront developments at the time.

But as Kota Kinabalu’s development is seemingly measured by the amount of shopping centres and luxury hotels it has, then with the opening of Oceanus Waterfront Mall the city is pushed up a notch on the ladder of development.

Here’s a list of Oceanus Waterfront Mall’s tenants

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Store Name Floor-Lot Tag1 Tag2
Sakagura Japanese Restaurant G-23a Food & Beverage Japanese, Sushi
Guarandian C-16 Beauty & Health Pharmacy
Aco Bar G Bar Nightlife
Nexwave Dive Shop Kota Kinabalu G Scuba Diving Dive Equipment
Bata C-12 Fashion Shoes
Vans C-38 Fashion Shoes
Ayamazz Frank Buns C-K-58 Food & Beverage
Cool City C-K-63a Food & Beverage
Cupcake Chic C-K-61 Food & Beverage
D’Famous C-K-67 Food & Beverage
Ezy Life C-6a Food & Beverage
Lao Po Dou Hua C-K-57 Food & Beverage
Legend Coffee Tea C-48 Food & Beverage
Mahnaz Foods C-51a Food & Beverage
Orange C-1 Food & Beverage
One Stop C-2 Food & Beverage
Tako Tao C-K-59 Food & Beverage
Trendy House C-9 Gift & Handicraft
Advance Cell Store Phone IT & Digital
Oppo Phone IT & Digital
Optical & HP Accessories Shop IT & Digital
PCM Phone Phone IT & Digital
DC Sports C-35A Fashion Sports
MST Golf C-43 Fashion Sports
Royal Sporting House C-36 Fashion Sports
Sports Direct C-26 Fashion Sports
Myblue Paradise C-31 Travel Agent
Yeah Holiday Travel & Tour C-33B Travel Agent
Eu Yang Sang G-8 Beauty & Health
Meiko G-K-48 Beauty & Health
Sasa Cosmetics G-9 Beauty & Health
The Body Shop G-32 Beauty & Health
The Face Shop G-K-46 Beauty & Health
Cuir G-27a Fashion
Curves Boutique G-6 Fashion
Guardaroba Milano G-20 Fashion
Jelly Bunny G-13a Fashion
Miam Miam G-29 Fashion
Next Wave G-3a Fashion
Paris Station G-36 Fashion
Queen Mermaid G-17 Fashion
Tarra G-5 Fashion
Chim-Di G-38 Food & Beverage
Creare Hokkaido G-19 Food & Beverage
Dunkin Donuts G-K-48 Food & Beverage
Fook Yuen G-1 Food & Beverage
Hard Rock Cafe Kota Kinabalu G-26 Food & Beverage
Hokkaido Sweet Marche G-K-49 Food & Beverage
Johnny Rockets G-33 Food & Beverage
Mother of India Restaurant G-40a Food & Beverage
Nunpat CafŽ G-37 Food & Beverage
Passio Coffee G-27 Food & Beverage
Sabah Roz Ice Cream G-7 Food & Beverage
Secret Recipe G-31 Food & Beverage
Starbucks G-35 Food & Beverage
Tokyo Dojima G-23 Food & Beverage
Adiba Ayu Handicraft G-K-43a Gift & Handicraft
Lenovo G-28 IT & Digital
Samsung G-16 IT & Digital Phone
YES Mobile G-32a Phone
Lazo Diamond G-K-45 Jewellery Timepiece
Time Concept G-30 Jewellery Timepiece
Tomica Prarail G-18 Fashion Kids
Sabah Optical Gallery G-15 Optometrist Optical
Cat Walk Boutique F-3a Fashion
Fipper F-27 Fashion
Furto F-41 Fashion
leahter Avenue F-17 Fashion
Renda Boutique F-7 Fashion
Sox World F-45 Fashion
Tenna Boutique F-2 Fashion
Unite 122 F-3 Fashion
DeVie Deli F-6 Food & Beverage
Each A Cup F-43a Food & Beverage Coffee
Grill’z Kitchen F-1 Food & Beverage
Inch Coffee F-23a Food & Beverage Coffee
Johnny Rockets F-39 Food & Beverage
Justberrys F-42 Food & Beverage Dessert
Lo Hong Ka F-37 Food & Beverage
Nando’s F-37 Food & Beverage Flame Grilled Chicken
Sushi Tei F-43a Food & Beverage Japanese
Yuzu Japanese Sushi Restaurant F-33a Food & Beverage
Bejewelled F-16 Jewellery
Watch Shop F-40 Jewellery Timepiece
Rozsall Beauty Centre S-17 Beauty & Health
Noble House S-61 Books Stationary
Ahlam Fashion S-75 Fashion
Beautifull Me S-81 Fashion
Borsetta S-48 Fashion
Cream Soda S-63 Fashion
Lolipop Boutique S-37 Fashion
Misspudding S-50 Fashion
China Elements S-66 Food & Beverage
Food Court S-1 Food & Beverage
Gift Galleria S-59 Gift & Handicraft
Handicraft S-46 Gift & Handicraft
Oceanus Art Gallery S-11 Gift & Handicraft
Sumifa Pearl & Handicraft S-51 Gift & Handicraft
Corporate Suites Gallery S-20 Services
Novel Home Furnishing S-5 Services
Ocean Deep S-63a Services
Sunsea Development Show Room S-23a Services
SMI Holiday Wendy Tour S-16 Travel Agent



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This listing was last updated on 10 August 2020