Salt Trails Jungle Trekking

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The Salt Trails are age-old paths used by Sabah’s interior residents to cut across the Crocker Range Mountains for barter trade with the costal plain dwellers on the other side. Called Salt Trails, because salt was one of the main items frequently traded for jungle produce such as sago, other vegetables, and fruit.

The Salt Trail Jungle Trek is not for couch potatoes. A set distance must be completed in a specific time every day, to avoid being in the middle of the jungle after dark. A decent level of fitness and tenacity is required.

Similar to the adventure described in our Crocker Range Salt Trails article, this particular itinerary starts on the Tambunan side of the trail and winds across the Crocker Mountains to exit on the Kota Kinabalu side near Donggongon.

The Salt Trails Jungle Trekking is a 3 or 4-day adventure with trees & grass covered high-lying peaks, low-lying areas with muddy paths, dense jungle and raging rivers, some of which you’ll have to cross, with and without bridges.

During the Salt Trail Jungle Trek you’ll experience Sabah’s beautiful jungles, challenging terrain, several river crossings and local hospitality.

If you’re really lucky and up in the jungle either very early or very late, rumour has it that you might even experience some rare jungle wildlife.

This activity is not suited for kids, the frail or moaners and requires a minimum of 2 adults to book.

2 reviews for Salt Trails Jungle Trekking

  1. Jerry

    Me and five other people went on this trail December 2014. It was a 34km walk thru the forest. We had fun along the way thou it was kinda difficult for somebody with knee and stamina problem cause it involves alot of uphill walking. Will definitely go again!

  2. SabahBah

    The Salt Trails is an excellent trail for people who love trekking and the rainforest jungle. It’s not too hard, although it is a lot of walking. The beauty of Sabah’s interior, the remote villages, rivers and glimpses of virgin rainforest makes it all worthwhile.

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This listing was last updated on 20 August 2020