Everrise Supermarket

Lower G Flr, Imago the Mall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

(2 customer reviews)

Comfortable, convenient Supermarket at prices lower than similar supermarkets in KK city.


Everrise Supermarket is a Sarawakian chain which opened it’s first branch in Sabah in Imago Mall.

One of the nicer supermarket experiences in Kota Kinabalu, Everrise’s supermarket is well-stocked, brightly lit, has a good variety of local and imported products and isles wide enough to accommodate the considerable traffic it receives.

Everrise’s elaborate non-Halaal deli specialises in all sorts of meats and sausages, plus a very decent selection of imported beers and wide variety of wines.

There are also bakery, poultry, seafood, frozen and homeware sections at Everrise Supermarket in Imago Mall.



2 reviews for Everrise Supermarket

  1. Tony T.F. Lin

    I went to your supermarket this morning (07/01/18), intended to buy fresh sushi meal but unfortunately something caught me unexpectedly after seeing 2 food tenders serving those meals with unmasked mouths and talking loudly (guess minimal saliva being spilled out). It’s disgusting to me and very unhygienic gesture. I am disappointed today. Staff should be more cautious on sensitive fresh sushi salmon, etc!

  2. Sarah Carlo

    The things in this supermarket are excellent but I was disappointed with the staff there, I remember I went to this mall yesterday and two of the staff near to the cashier on the curry powder section act weird laughing loudly and dancing around. I was so disappointed cause the supermarket are so luxury but because of the staff over there I really won’t be able to go back there anymore cause we pay for good services and quality not for bad services.

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This listing was last updated on 28 March 2022