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A Flood of Standup Comedy in Kota Kinabalu

Comedy Bah - Feed Your Stress Standup Comedy
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If the recent heat in Kota Kinabalu hasn’t got your laughing yet, or indeed – if it has you crying, then a series of upcoming events is guaranteed to have you laughing for real.

The good-humoured folk at Comedy Bah has done it again.

Having partnered with various establishments around Kota Kinabalu, Comedy Bah will bring in some of Malaysia’s top names in comedy to come and entertain Sabahans.

Comedy Bah - Live International Standup ComedyStandup comedy is a unique form of live entertainment and an awesome opportunity to socialise with friends. It has all the visual and entertainment value of a stage production, with the fun and atmosphere of a bar / restaurant setting.

Plus, the group clown can take the night of while professionals on stage will make you laugh at them, yourself or that loud-mouthed friend you find in every group.

First to hit Kota Kinabalu in April is the International Live Standup Comedy event on 12 & 13 April.

Laughing will ensue at Jugs at Sutera Harbour Resort, featuring Malalysia’s established artists – like KK’s favourite, Phoon Chi Ho, as well as promising, up-and-coming acts, all of whom will have you laughing.

The following weekend, on 19 and 20 April, you can Feed Your Stress at Party Play Gaya Street, when Phoon Chi Ho returns together with Malaysia’s comedy grand daddy, Jason Leong.

They too bring along a featured comedian to tickle your funny bone (no, the other funny bone) and provide you with a whole weekend of quality comedy.

If all the laughter has you feeling a little giddy and perhaps thinking that you too can make people laugh, then why not give it a shot yourself?

Comedy Bah's You So FunnyFor exactly that purpose, Comedy Bah has teamed up with Bandwidth Magazine to present the second installation of You So Funny on 27 April, an open mic night during which aspiring funny men and women can exhibit the wares to Kota Kinabalu to see if they can extract some laughter and giggles.

Don’t worry, Malaysia’s biggest comedians will be providing comedic patriot missiles in case the open mic acts bomb. Kavin Jay will be hosting the event.

A friendly word of warning to potential open mic’ers – if you’re not funny, Kavin Jay will be – at your expense.

His wingman for the night is the controversial Papi Zak. The curvaceous comedian returns to Kota Kinabalu yet again, he must like the way we laugh.

So there you have, April foolery all through the month with Comedy Bah and Malaysia’s funniest.

Check out the individual events on our Events Page for more details, and get those tickets booked.

The venues all have limited capacity, so get your tickets booked before they’re all gone.