Kiulu Adventure Challenge

by Kiulu Tourism Association
Contact: Ms. Sulisa
Phone: +60 88 260 711
Start: Sun, 1 Dec 2019
End: Sun, 1 Dec 2019
Kiulu Adventure Centre, Tamparuli, Sabah, Malaysia

Registration closes 27 November (early bird discount until 6 November).

Register at Sri Pelancongan or Chanteek Borneo Gallery.

Prices are RM80 for 1 event, RM150 for 2 events, or RM200 for 3 events. Best price: teams of 4, all events for RM600 (subject to team requirements in the rules).

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The Kiulu Adventure Challenge is organised by Kiulu Tourism Association in collaboration with Sabah Tourism.

The event aims to promote Kiulu as an eco-adventure tourism destination and raise awareness of Kiulu river conversation. Kiulu is a beautiful river valley area an hour from Kota Kinabalu near Tamparuli town.

The Kiulu Adventure Challenge leads participants through the Kiulu River Valley, highlighting attractions and activities along the way.

Verify before planning, date not yet confirmed.


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