Megalong Cineplex Donggongon

Donggongon, Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia

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The only cinema in Penampang, Megalong Cineplex offers the latest releases in surprisingly comfortable surroundings.

Located in the Megalong Mall in Donggongon, Megalong Cineplex is situated some distance away from Kota Kinabalu.

Megalong Cineplex in Donggongon has a confectionary counter that sell the usual caramelised popcorn and soft drinks.

Movie Showtimes at Megalong Cineplex

Address: Top Floor, Megalong Mall Penampang, Donggongon

All Cinemas

The Little Mermaid

2hrs 15min, English 10:00AM 12:20PM 02:45PM 06:50PM 08:00PM 09:15PM

Tribesman - The Last Red Hunter

1hr 30min, Kadazandusun 10:00AM 01:10PM 02:50PM 06:25PM 10:20PM

Fast X

2hrs 20min, English 11:15AM 01:45PM 03:00PM 04:15PM 05:30PM 08:00PM 09:25PM

Knights Of The Zodiac

1hr 52min, English 10:25AM 04:25PM

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

2hrs 30min, English 12:25PM 06:45PM

Evil Dead Rise

1hr 37min, English 05:10PM 10:25PM

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

1hr 30min, English 11:35AM

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2 reviews for Megalong Cineplex Donggongon

  1. Az

    This cineplex is okay. No major complaint so far, gets the job done. I dont know why some people are just stupidly arrogant, this is megalong cineplex not the whole megalong mall building. Read carefully before you give review, be smart.

  2. Ling

    Worst mall i’ve even been to. Escalator malfunctions all the time. Sewage water on walkway outside the building making the place stinks. The building outside and inside is dirty with rubbish everywhere. Internal air-con is not working sometimes so its quite warm. Not all shops are occupied and if you are looking for quality stuff just go elsewhere. I’m surprised it is even featured in website as it is not suitable for foreign tourists to pay a visit at all. Its kinda embarrassing really.

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This listing was last updated on 19 November 2021